What is 8849 form? Who must file IRS form 8849?

How Does Form 8849 Effect My 2290 Form?

Form 8849 of the IRS is used to claim a refund on the excise taxes.  Taxpayers have to attach Schedule 1,2,3,5 and 8 to claim relevant refunds on the Federal Excise Tax Return, For Monthly tax return for wagers, for Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return. The Form is also used to claim refunds when the vehicle is stolen, sold, or destroyed. Schedule 6 of Form 8849 is used to claim refunds on Form 2290.  

It is not appropriate to use Form 8849 to make adjustments to the liability that are reported on Forms 720 that are filed for prior quarters. Taxpayers can use Form 720X Amended Quarterly Federal Excise tax return for the same. 

Who should file Form 8849?

Schedule 6 of Form 8849 should be filed for anyone who has overpaid their Form 2290, and if the vehicle has been stolen or destroyed, or sold after filing Form 2290, during the tax period. Form 8849, Schedule 6 can also be filed by those taxpayers whose vehicles have traveled 5,000 miles or less on public highways during the period for while the tax has been pre-paid. Owners of vehicles that have traveled 7500 miles or less for agricultural purposes and for which the tax has been paid in full are also eligible to file the Form.

There are about five schedules that relate to the Form 8849 filing and Schedule 6 is required to be submitted with Form 8849 to request a refund on the HVUT Form 2290.

Information required to File Form 8849

It is important to give authentic and original information on Form 8849, schedule 6 while requesting a refund. While claiming the vehicle that was stolen, sold, or destroyed, the following information should also be furnished.

  • The VIN or the Vehicle identification number
  • The taxable gross weight category of the vehicle
  • Whether the vehicle was stolen, sold, or destroyed
  • The date of theft and destruction if available
  • Calculations of the complete refund amount
  • The name and address of the purchaser of the vehicle, if in case the vehicle was sold and the date of selling is on or after July 1st of the tax year. 

Where to File Form 8849?

Form 8849 can either be sent to the Department of treasure, IRS or be E-filed with them through any authorized electronic intermediate service provider. Any refund on the excise taxes should be reported in the gross income if you have claimed the amount of tax as an expense deduction, and it was responsible for reducing the income as a tax liability. It is important not to file Form 8849 for a refund if you have or will claim credit for the overpaid tax on Form 2290.

In what cases will the refund be delayed?

The refund on Form 8849 will be delayed or the Form will be returned if the required procedure is not followed while filing the Form and if the Form doesn’t provide all the required information. The Form should render all vital information such as the Employee identification number, period of the claim, number of gallons, refund amount, and item number from the type of use listed by the IRS. 

IRS Form 8849 should be filed by the last day of the first quarter following the earliest quarter of the income tax quarter of the claimant as indicated in the claim. To avoid last-minute filings and to get the refund on the heavy vehicle use tax at the earliest, choose to e-file the Form with Tax2efile, the one-stop destination for all IRS services and solutions.