How the IRS Form 2290 Helps to Maintain the US State Highways?

The US highway system is one of the most extensive and most complex in the world. Suffice to say it requires extensive maintenance and looking after. It is also no secret that the number of vehicles on the road is increasing at an exponential rate, which causes extensive deterioration of the decade-old highways and bridges. In fact, according to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials in 1955, the American highways carried round about 65 million vehicles, whereas today, that number has almost quadrupled to 246 million. Amid such an exponential build-up of pressure, the roads need to kept maintained and taxes such as the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form play a pivotal role in helping the federal government do so.

 Tax Form 2290

The Current State of the US Highways

According to TRIP, which is a national non-profit research group, the US highway system is in dire need of repair and various projects are falling behind, here are some of them:

  • 33% of the nation’s major roads are in poor or mediocre condition.
  • 36% of the major urban highways are heavily congested.
  • 26% of the bridges throughout the United States are structurally deficient or are totally obsolete.

The last major highway funding bill was passed by Congress in 2005 and the Federal Highway Administration ascertained that the nation’s highways needed about $375 billion for repairs and other projects. However, only $286 billion was actually allocated for these purposes.
Clearly, the keeping of these highways, which are the lifeline of the country, is an expensive affair, and drivers, especially truckers should do their part in ensuring that it remains in good, working conditions; after all their livelihood depends upon it.

File Your Heavy Road Tax Form 2290 to Save the Highways

While it may be hard to envision the sheer importance of the role you are playing every time you file your heavy road tax form 2290, know that without it, the US highway system cannot function properly. As trucks by their very weight class (55,000 pounds and above) cause the most damage to the road per unit, the revenues collected on Form 2290 are of immense importance to the IRS in helping them maintain the roads.

An Easy Way to File Your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form?

Operating a trucking business isn’t exactly a walk in the park; besides the fact that trucks are maintenance-intensive machines, you as an owner or a manager will need to take care of a plethora of issues ranging from payments to bookkeeping, deadlines and more. It thus makes sense if you were to use the various facilities the IRS has made available to make your tax filing as painless as possible; for instance, you can use their e-filing service with which you can file your heavy road tax form 2290 online. Doing so only takes a few minutes and you can even receive your completed Schedule 1 from the IRS just as quickly.