Why should I pre-file Form 2290 before the season starts?

Prefile IRS Form 2290

Pre-filing is the process of starting the tax preparations early and completing the Form 2290 tax returns in advance, well before the commencement of the tax period. Pre-filing 2290 tax returns for the next tax period, help submit them to the IRS directly to process the tax payments earlier. Pre-filing is the best option to stand on top of the crowd, even before the tax season starts. 

Advantages of pre-filing Form 2290, before the tax season starts

Pre-filing Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax well ahead of the 2290 filing season will start on May 1st, 2022, and ends on June 30th, 2022. Pre-filing speeds up the acceptance of the 2290 returns during the peak filing season, when thousands of truckers rush to file their returns with the IRS. Pre-filing or early filing of the IRS Form 2290 has many advantages.

  • Pre-filing saves time and helps taxpayers to avoid the rush hour during the peak filing season.
  • By filing early, the taxpayers can steer clear of the IRS penalties and the late tax filing charges.
  • Pre-filing allows you to plan and collect all information necessary for filing the returns.
  • It is possible to get the IRS stamped Schedule 1 copy before other taxpayers.
  • It is possible to avoid rejection of the tax forms. The taxpayers can make corrections and retransmit them without incurring penalties.
  • The taxpayers will get ample time to cross-check the details, clarify doubts, and review the submission.
  • There are chances for the IRS servers to undergo technical issues during the peak filing season, this could delay the processing of the 2290 returns. It is possible to avoid such problems while pre-filing Form 2290.

Information required for pre-filing Form 2290

Keep the following information ready, before pre-filing the IRS tax Form 2290.

  • Name of the business, the business identification number, and the business address
  • The tax period for which the tax has to be filed and the first used month of the vehicle
  • Total number of trucks that the truckers report.
  • A vehicle identification number and the taxable gross weight of the vehicle
  • Mode of payment to the IRS – Checks/ EFTPS/ credit and debit cards.

Truck owners can choose to pre-file their tax returns in June, to avoid the last-minute rush. The submission for the tax year 2022-2023 will undergo processing after July 1st, 2022 before the IRS officially starts accepting the returns. The truck owners will also get the stamped schedule 1 copy of their returns in their mail, within minutes after the IRS accepts the Forms. 

As a trucker, you are constantly on the move, and thus you will not find time to file the HVUT taxes on a particular date. Pre-filing is the best option, to send them to the IRS within time. By choosing to pre-file, they can get the stamped schedule 1 copy by July, and not wait for weeks to process. Pre-filing reduces penalties and late fines. Pre-filing through credible tax service providers like Tax2efile offers an additional 20% discount on the tax amount. Their customer support team will be ready, to help the taxpayers with their returns.