Truck owners should use the online form to avoid penalties

Form 2290 Tax Penalties

Are you a truck owner looking for ways to avoid the penalty? There is a solution for the same query. The NDDOT or North Dakota department of transportation boosts heavy truck owners to use the IRS form 2290 online to get rid of penalties for late filing. The IRS or internal revenue service updated the NDDOT about the timeline increase in form processing and issues in the deadline for filing.

Delay in processing

The notice is for motor vehicle operators, owners, and heavy vehicle carriers registering for a weight of 55000 or more. As per 23 USC 141 (C), before renewing vehicle registration, there is a delay in the processing of mailed form 2290. Form 2290 is mainly for Heavy vehicle use tax for the duration of July 1, 2020, through June 30, 2021.

Avoiding penalties

  • To avert vehicle-renewal delays with due in December, taxpayers can log in to By filing Form 2290, the results are prompt, and the IRS stamped schedule I form is immediately got. 
  • The IRS service centers assist taxpayers in Form 2290 filing. Such centers are Fargo, bismarck, grand forks, and Minot. Taxpayers can find out about their appointment availability in these centers by calling 1-844-545-5640. 

Have you mailed your form 2290 renewal and payment to the IRS? Didn’t you receive the IRS stamped form 2290? Glimpse through the following details for a quick solution. The following documents are mandatory to process a renewal.

  • A photocopy of the canceled check on both sides with form 2290 schedule 1 photocopy submitted to the IRS. 
  • A photocopy of payment acknowledgment from the electronic federal tax payment system with a copy of form 2290 schedule 1 filed with the IRS. 
  • A copy of the bank statement holding “IRS USA tax payment,” or something similar to Form 2290 schedule 1 filed with the IRS. 

Failing to file and pay HVUT

For taxpayers failing to file form 2290 before the deadline, be ready to receive a notice from the IRS with a penalty. There are opportunities for penance to forsaken by the IRS. The above-said is possible by giving an acceptable reason for the delay.IT solely depends on the IRS for accepting or rejecting the reason and deciding on penalties. Penalties apply for fraudulent and false returns as well, mainly on mileage and gross weight category.

Filing the Heavy highway vehicle use tax (HVUT) or form 2290 online is the best way to avoid penalties and process the operations without hassles. It is depressing to receive a penalty notice from the IRS. These penalties add to the tax you already own. Hence utilizing the online option for filing form 2290 is the best way. is a prominent IRS-authorized e-file service provider. E-filing form 2290 is convenient and easy for taxpayers with just a few clicks. The customer support is always there to solve any queries. New users must register with to start using it for e-filing. Other users can log in and begin e-filing form 2290. Opt e-filing option for hassle-free and prompt filing service and receive your schedule stamped form within minutes.