How to Get an IRS Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN)?

Do you like to avoid fraudsters using stolen identities for filing false tax returns? It’s time to get your identity protection PIN. Take a look at the details about IP Pin and ways to get the number.

What is the Identity Protection IP PIN?

The IP PIN by the IRS and is a six-digit number. To avoid the misuse of the social security number on tax returns by fraudulent means, the IP PIN is beneficial. The IRS recognizes the tax payer’s identity with the IP PIN and accepts their tax return. With an IP PIN, no other individual can file tax with your SSN.

If you are a target of identity theft, the IRS issues you an identity theft pin or IP PIN. How do taxpayers know that they are a victim of identity theft? You might not know about the fraudulent of tax filing with your identity unless

    • The tax return is excluded as duplicate filing.
    • A letter from the IRS, stating more than one tax filing made with the same details.
    • A difference in wages of the taxpayer does not match the previous records with the IRS.

Getting an IP PIN

    • Taxpayers falling under the list of identity theft gain an IP PIN.
    • Taxpayers receiving IP PIN through email but fail to get the CP01A notice can utilize the IP PIN tool to recover their number.
    • The IP PIN opt-in program is another way for eligible taxpayers to get the IP PIN tool.
    • For taxpayers lacking an account with need to register for updating identity.
    • A good piece of advice for taxpayers is to read through the secure access identity authentication process.
    • There are no ways to obtain IP PIN by calling the IRS.

Eligibility for an IP PIN

For taxpayers having been a victim of identity theft, and issues solved by IRS are eligible for an IP PIN. The IRS mails the CP01A notice along with IP PIN. Taxpayers eligible for the IP opt-In PIN program online are ones living in the list of 20 locations. The latest update is that IRS is expanding the locations list for eligibility of the IP PIN opt-In program.

Using an IP PIN

As your tax software asks for an IP PIN, enter the six-digit PIN. A missing or incorrect IP PIN leads to rejection of e-file return. There is also a delay of paper return until verified. The best way to avert fraudulent e-filing is by not revealing the IP PIN to others. Only the tax professional should know your IP PIN and only during the signing and returning. Bear in mind that the IRS does not ask for an IP PIN. Do not respond to texts, emails, or phones that trick to reveal your IP PIN.

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