Truck driver vaccine mandate in place until at least September 30 

covid vaccine mandate by September

The cross-border trucker vaccine mandate is still in place at Canada’s border. This Canada’s vaccine mandate for border-crossing truck drivers will remain in place until September, 30th. This restricts unvaccinated foreign nationals from entering the country. 

The Americans crossing the US-Canadian border should get complete vaccination against Covid- 19, and are subject to random arrival testing. They are mandated to load data through the Arrive CAN app within 72 hours (about 3 days) of travel, as per the notice from the Public Health Agency of Canada. 

Cross-border covid vaccination protocol for US Truckers

Canada’s vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers will be in practice, until 30th September. This is extending the restrictions that were in place till January 15th. This rule remains in place, even when mandatory vaccination requirements were lifted, for the air, rail, and marine sector workers, under the Federal Government.   

The United States has also blocked the unvaccinated Canadian truck drivers from crossing the border in the first place. Health Minister, Jean- Yves Duclos said in a press release, “As we move to the next phase of the Covid-19 response, it is vital to remember that the pandemic is yet not over”. He added, “We should continue doing everything that will keep us and others safe from the virus. This announcement followed the decision of the Canadian Government to pause mandatory vaccination requirements in June for domestic and international air travelers. 

Thus, the government mandates that every citizen should remain up to date and vaccinate themselves. This helps them protect themselves from infection, virus transmission, and complications. The government ensures to keep trade and travel moving while ensuring the safety and health of the Canadians.  

Significance of this cross-border vaccine mandate

More than 30,000 trucks cross the US- Canada border daily, especially over the Ambassador Bridge, connecting Detroit to Windsor. This bridge is an important trade link. It processes more than 10,000 trucks and $300 million worth of goods daily.  

The protection against the vaccine mandate and Covid-19 restrictions started across Canada with trucks halting commercial traffic at the critical US- Canada border crossing. The Government has Canada will be following the strict vaccine policy with truckers crossing their border. 

The United States also has an identical border policy for truckers and foreign nationals without taking the vaccination.  

The Department of Homeland Security in the United States made its announcement on the vaccine policy in April. According to it, it will be extending its requirement of non-US individuals to enter the US from Canada or Mexico by land, for essential activities such as work, education, or business, to give proof of complete vaccination against Covid-19. 

Bottom Line: 

Thus, truckers who wish to cross the Canada-US border should get complete Covid vaccinations, though the federal government lifts other protocols for travelers. This mandate is looked up as a valuable tool to protect the people of Canada from the virus. The United States also has a reciprocal policy in place, that mandates vaccination for Canadian truckers entering the country.