Advice/Tips for women who want to become truck drivers 

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Being a truck driver is indeed an exciting job for women. It is a valuable profession for ladies who like going out and seeing various places. It helps them feel independent and in control and is indeed the best job for women on the go. Though many women are pursuing this profession, here are some quick tips and advice for female truck drivers.

Where do female truck drivers face trouble?

A brief list of trucking aspects, that female truck drivers struggle with is as follows:

Double clutching and downshifting the truck 

Making right-hand turns 

Getting started from a stop, especially on an incline 

Figuring how to parallel park the truck 

Straight backing, or following any backing maneuver with a big rig. 

Tips for women truck drivers

The hardest part of starting a new trucking career is understanding how to succeed in the job. To reap success, women truck drivers should learn many driving nuances such as double-clutching, setting up the truck for backing maneuvers, etc. Here are some quick tips for all-women truck drivers.

1.Stay confident; positivity is the key:

Truckers on-road should always be confident. Have a clear idea of what you must do on the road. To improve your confidence level, gather knowledge and ask as many questions as required. By investing time in learning driving tips and tricks, women can do things independently, rather than relying on others.

2. Being patient pays on the road:

More than being confident, it is also vital to be patient on the road. Driving in a busy city, or learning the ropes of truck driving can be frustrating. But it is mandatory to stay patient and positive. Women truck drivers should consider difficult driving situations as learning opportunities. Most women truckers face problems in backing up or backing into the parking space. This is where patience pays.

3. Reach out to other truckers:

Communication is the key, do not hesitate to take help from others. Stay connected with other truck drivers, both male and female. Maintaining open communication will ease the nerves and helps the truckers feel safe on the road. 

4. Use all the resources wisely:

While taking help from the Driver Training Leader, or talking to fellow drivers, use the different resources, that helps to get more involved. Women truck drivers have a lot of access to resources, but they should use them wisely to strengthen their driving skills. 

 5. Plan your haul every day:

Women truckers should take at least 10 minutes in the morning, to check the weather, look over the route, and plan their trip accordingly. They may also have to plan where they will stay during the night, to save time and avoid problems. 

Bottom Line: 

To be successful truckers, women should stay positive and take help when they require it. Value the company they are working with. And find a good company that will respect them and their work.