Safety Rules that Need to be Followed by Truck Drivers

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A lot of Americans are unaware of the fact that their nation heavily relies on its trucking industry for the economy to function in the proper manner. Trucks in the United States serve as visible evidence of the smooth working condition of the US economy. The truck industry is fast developing in the US and the nation is in need of truck drivers for keeping up with the rising demand. Serving or pursuing a career in truck driving is considered honorable. The work of a truck driver is rewarding because the nation gets its supply of goods needed on a regular basis. It is also a profitable profession and an adventurous one too as drivers get the chance of exploring all the major areas in the United States. However, for the ones who want to serve as truck drivers in America, there are certain rules and regulations that they need to follow.

The number of accidents that keep on increasing on a regular basis has forced the Department of Transportation in America to come up with strict rules and regulations regarding truck driving.

Truck Drivers Should Follow FMCSA Rules

Rule 1

Truck drivers in the United States need their Licensing and Registration permits for obtaining their freight tank number which is given by the FMCSA. This will offer proper registration to the drivers. The FMCSA is the agency of the Federal Government that carries out the job of keeping data regarding truck driving safety in the United States. Drivers need to have this in mind that there are extra registrations needed for complying with the safety regulations if they deal with hauling hazardous materials.

Rule 2

Drivers in the United States are restricted from working for more than 11 continuous hours in a 14-hour window. This rule implemented by the FMCSA needs to be followed by the drivers religiously. Drivers in the USA are also required to have a daily record of their rest and work times. They need to present their records to officials whenever they are requested to do so.

Rule 3

Safety regulations implemented by the Federal Government are obligatory on the drivers and they need to be properly observed by the truckers. Truck drivers are required to have a proper understanding of the road safety rules and trucking regulations for avoiding any kind of accidents.

Rule 4

Truck drivers in the United States need to be aware of the fact that they will have to go through a test that determines drug and alcohol abuse. They must have a clear understanding of the results of breaking this trucking regulation. The drivers can lose their livelihood if they break this important rule.

So these are some of the basic rules that are meant to be a part of the trucking industry. Stay tuned for more such Form 2290 informative articles.


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