IRS Servers are Down From 2 Days – Now Its UP and Running Now

For the truck drivers and Tax2efile customers who have started early on filing their Form 2290s, you will notice that you are now starting to receive your Stamped Schedule 1. This was because for the past 2 days the IRS servers have been down, which wouldn’t allow your form to be processed and accepted. For the past 3days, the IRS has been working diligently to fix the bugs in their system and get it up and running. This was a success and now you can file your forms without any delays. Form 2290 is the form used by truck drivers to pay their HVUT. The HVUT is a tax that must be paid annually by truck drivers to pay for highway construction and maintenance. The many from the HVUT is paid through the IRS and collected by the federal government. Without this tax in place, this road would wear down so fast that there would be no way to keep them up. The federal government realizes that the bigger the vehicle is the more damage is caused to the road. With this in mind, it is only right that the heavier vehicles pay an additional tax.

Tax2efile is one of the premier Form 2290 E-filing services in the world. Our online system is very easy to use and it only takes about 15 minutes to use. We offer a Premium Service where we do all of the work for you and you will still get your Stamped Schedule 1 in the same amount of time. For company owners filing for a large fleet, we offer a bulk upload service to save you time. If you need to file a credit, we offer to e-file Form 8849 also.

The prime objective with Tax2efile is to make sure the customer comes first. Customer service plays a major role in this, it is our job to make sure that the system meets the needs of the customer. We offer a discount through social media, returning customers, and referrals. If you are a tax professional with multiple clients, you will be able to use a single sign-on to manage all of your profiles. This will be very beneficial when it comes to remembering usernames and passwords. Tax2efile has serviced some of the largest carriers and owner-operators in North America. If you have any questions, please contact us at our USA-based customer support center in Herndon, VA at 703-229-0326 or email us at