The IRS is accepting form 2290 for 2021-2022 Tax Year – What you need to know

Are you ready truckers for tax season 2021-22? Have you initiated e-filing 2290 forms? Not yet? The due dates are approaching and it’s high time to start e-filing form 2290. Without a pause opt for for e-filing without tedious tax calculations and stress. Before proceeding let’s peek through few details regarding the 2290 form and e-filing.

Form 2290 Deadline and Pre-Filing HVUT

Every truck owner should bear in mind to file IRS 2290 form for each tax year. Every year the tax season is from 1st July to June 30th. Truckers are aware that August 31st is the deadline for filing HVUT tax. Logging into is a smart way for e-filing form 2290 thereby averting penalties.

The best facet about IRS is the pre-filing facility for form 2290. This is possible through The pre-filing option helps truckers file form 2290 earlier to avert penalties by paying before the due date. Another benefit of pre-filing is reduced wait time to obtain stamped schedule 1.

Details for e-filing IRS 2290 form

The trucker needs to provide the following business details and vehicle details for e-filing IRS 2290 form and they are

  • Address
  • Name
  • EIN ( Employee Identification number)
  • VIN (Vehicle identification number)
  • Vehicle’s gross weight

Once all these mandatory details are filled and submitted the form is directed to IRS. The HVUT form is accepted by the IRS and approved with stamped schedule 1 through email. The complete process is updated through the email Tax2efile. Errors while filing lead to rejection of form 2290, providing accurate details is crucial. Never panic regarding the rejection of form 2290 due to an error, as rectifies and resends the form without any extra cost.

How to E-file Form 2290 Online

There are two ways for filing heavy vehicle use tax, they are online or manually. Though IRS has a manual filing option, online filing is advisable. The advantages of e-filing are tracking the progress and promptness than the manual process. For truckers new to IRS 2290 form filing, the best option is filing the 2290 form by registering with

Fill in the mandatory details and complete registration. That’s it, e-filing is simple by logging into the account and file form 2290. In case of assistance or you’re stuck with doubts while filling in the details, remember our online experts are always there to help out. It is always advisable to file forms and make payments on time to avert penalties.

Amendments for 2290 Form

With, the filer can perform amendments for IRS 2290. The taxer changes information on the previously filed form under few conditions. Amendments are for VIN correction, exceed in mileage usage, and an increase in the gross weight of vehicles. The task is simple and assisted by professionals.

These are few obligatory details to know to file IRS form 2290 before the due date. The deadline is approaching and it’s high time to start e-filing IRS form 2290 online. Avert penalties and get registered today with for an effortless and simple way of filing form 2290.