What is the purpose of Form 2290-V (Payment Voucher)?

Its tax season and truckers must be alert about the updates about tax filing form 2290. Since we understand trucker’s value and their business we always work towards the e-filing process form 2290 to be swift and simple. With years of filing, truckers must be aware of the payment methods. How many drivers are aware of the 2290-V payment voucher? How many have used this voucher? Let’s dive in and know about the 2290-V voucher and its role in e-filing form 2290.

What is the Form 2290-V Payment Voucher?

When the tax filer has decided to send the payment through money order or check as payment, the Form 2290-V payment voucher is mandatory. The tax filer must fill the details of HVUT form 2290-V payment voucher and send it with the money order or check.

Check or money order

The form 2290-V Payment voucher plays a key role in check or money order method of payment. Take a look at the details about using a check or money order method of payment to the IRS.

      • Fill Form 2290 and Form 2290-v payment voucher on page 11 of HVUT form 2290.
      • The cheque or money order is a non-electronic method of payment of HVUT to the IRS.
      • 2290-V is not used for paying balance due form 2290.
      • Fill the EIN, amount to pay, date, along with name and address. All these details should be the same as in form 2290.
      • Remember to enclose the money order or cheque. Make payable to “United States Treasury”.
      • Enter your tax period, form 2290, and EIN on your money order or cheque.
      • Never staple form 2290-V or payment to form 2290.
      • Cut off form 2290-V and send it with form 2290 and payment to the address visible in the left bottom corner of the 2290-V form.
      • To, The Internal revenue Service, P.O. Box 804525, Cincinnati, OH 45280-4525

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