What is IRS HVUT Form 2290? How to E-file it?

The form 2290 is the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax form used to report heavy vehicle taxes which are operated by truckers or fleet owners public highways. Any heavy use truck weights are over 55, 000 pounds or travel over 5,000 miles a year must be file Form 2290 electronically.  The 2290 Form can only be filled out if you have an Employer Identification Number so if you do not have one you must apply for one and you can do so online.  Next, you should know that if you have a fleet of over 25 vehicles that you are claiming you must file online and there are no exceptions for this.  The IRS feels that the paperwork required for so many vehicles is hard to manage, so that is why the requirement is in place.   To fill out this form you will need the name of your business, your EIN, and you will also need the VIN number and gross weight of each vehicle. The taxes are based on the amount your vehicle weighs and you will be charged accord to a chart that is as follows:

      • -Below 55, 000 no tax
      • -55,000 to 75,000 pounds will cost you 100 dollars plus 22.00 per 1000 over 55,000
      • -Over 75,000 pounds is 550 dollars

How do I E-file form 2290?

Here Tax2efile, we are committed to helping you file your Form 2290 tax form quickly and accurately.  You can either choose the premium method, which would mean we would take care of everything from start to finish or you can choose to have us only help which would save you money and you still get out 24 hours a day and 7 days a week customer service help.  There are 9 steps involved in the e-filing of Form 2290 on our site.  First, you would have to register with us, and then you would have to log in to our website and create a business profile. Then you will select the tax period you are looking for, and then add all of the vehicle information that is needed.  After you do this you will have to select a payment method and review your return.  You will then be prompted to pay the IRS bill and submit your return.  After this, you will get an email confirmation so you will know that your returns have been filed.

As you can see, using Tax2efile is a safe, easy, and helpful way to get the returns you need to get done, done fast.  Please feel free to look around the website to get some more information and if you have any more questions please ask.