Things you need to know about IRS Form 2290 stamped Schedule 1

We have talked more about Form 2290 in this tax season, so let’s turn the light towards IRS-stamped Schedule 1. After successfully filing the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) with the IRS either through paper or online, the tax filer receives the stamped Schedule 1. This serves as proof of the tax payment and it is mandatory for any heavy highway vehicle to operate legally on the road.

Stamped Schedule 1

DMV checks for the IRS stamped Schedule 1 whether IRS received and accepted the IRS 2290 Form while registering the heavy vehicles. When the tax filer, files the HVUT tax returns through paper, which is a traditional method to file Form 2290, he/she might need to wait for a few weeks to receive the stamped Schedule 1 after the verification of the IRS. IRS issues this stamped Schedule 1 as the acceptance of the submitted IRS 2290 form and the proof of the tax paid by the tax filer.

But when you e-file Form 2290 with Tax2efile, you can transmit the filed IRS 2290 Form electronically to the IRS within a few seconds. As soon as the IRS receives and accepts the submitted form, it sends the verified stamped Schedule 1 to the user electronically. If you have e-filed Form 2290 through  Tax2efile, you can download the stamped Schedule 1 from your login. So it takes hardly a few minutes to receive Schedule 1.

Things to Know about Schedule 1

  • Generally, Schedule 1 contains the basic information of the tax filer’s business the Business Name, EIN (Employer Identification Number), DBA (Doing Business As), Address of the present Business, Tax year, First Use Month, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and Category of the Vehicle’s Weight.
  • There can be many VINs while you file Form 2290, but only the VIN that is related to the vehicle’s weight category is shown in Schedule 1. This is represented in a tabular format.
  • The DMV matches this information with the details entered while registering the vehicle.
  • Though Schedule 1 is proof of payment, the actual paid tax amount will not be present in it. Instead, you can find the related VIN of the tax-paid heavy vehicle.

What is Stamped Schedule 1?

When you read for the first time “stamped Schedule “, many get confused that does the “stamped” refer to an ink stamp? The answer is “No”. It is not an ink mark stamp; instead, it is a digital watermark. This appears at the center of the Schedule 1 document and contains the received date of Form 2290.

A Schedule 1 is valid only when it has this stamp and hence it is accepted by DMVs, DOTs, and federal agencies. This can be used to register and also renew the registration of new vehicles.

How will you receive Schedule 1?

When you are e-filing Form 2290 with the IRS, you get the stamped Schedule 1 in your email inbox. As said earlier, you can also download Schedule 1 through your  Tax2efile account login. If you are filing the tax online on behalf of another business, ensure to send the received stamped Schedule 1 as soon as you receive it from the IRS.

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