What is the IRS Form 2290 Stamped Schedule 1 Copy?

Too many of our customers’ surprise, receiving their IRS-approved/stamped Schedule-1 is the last step of completing the Form 2290 filing process. This document is basically a confirmation that a taxpayer has properly followed the instructions for tax form 2290 and paid the required tax for the vehicles they have input into the schedule of heavy highway vehicles. The simple indication that marks approval is the “e-file” watermark that is put onto the document by staff at the Internal Revenue Service signaling that the federal agency has received, reviewed, and approved a taxpayer’s filing.

When e-filing, it typically takes about twenty minutes for a filer to receive their stamped Schedule-1 if their business, tax, and vehicle information had been properly inputted. E-filing service providers have nothing to do with the approval/rejection of Form the 2290s, their service just expedites the filing process by taking a filer’s information, putting it into the form, and then sending the form to the Internal Revenue Service via e-mail. In the unfortunate case of a rejection, the IRS indicates the reasons why the filing did not go through and they are typical because of the following: improper employee identification number, improper business name, or duplicate vehicle identification numbers. Any of the previous mistakes can cause the entire form to be rejected by the IRS and require resubmission.

The most important part about receiving the Stamped Schedule-1 is the fact that a taxpayer now has proof of payment in regard to the heavy vehicle use tax. This simply means that the respective taxpayer can now apply for their vehicle’s registration and license plate at the local Department of Motor Vehicles office. However, there have been rare instances when the DMV needs to see additional proof that the heavy vehicle use tax has been paid. In such circumstances, it is best to provide the direct debit transaction receipt with a bank account statement that proves payment or the IRS’s acknowledgment of a paid EFTPS. The stamped Schedule-1 and payment receipts should definitely be an excessive amount of evidence proving that the payment and form have both been submitted by a taxpayer.