FAQs for Truckers Who e-file IRS HVUT Form 2290

HVUT Tax is one of the most important taxes collected by the IRS. People who own trucks that ply on public highways are supposed to pay this tax for the maintenance of the highways.

When do I need to file Form 2290?

Form 2290 needs to be filed for each month from the time a taxable vehicle is used on public highways in the active tax period. Tax periods begin from the 1st of July and they end on the 30th of June in the following year. It is mandatory that the tax is filed by the last date of each month that follows the month of purchase. All IRS filing rules apply for the IRS form 2290.

Form 2290 Call Site

If you require any sort of assistance or have queries regarding the 2290 form you can contact the dedicated IRS call numbers during Monday-Friday during the working hours (8.00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)
United States: 866-699-4096 (toll-free)
Canada or Mexico: 859-669-5733 (paid)
There are various assistors who can provide you access to all your account information and other information regarding your taxes filed and paid.

What are the Penalties?

There are penalties involved if anyone fails to file the returns on time or if any kind of fraudulent information is provided by the filers. If you can show a reasonable cause for not being able to file your returns on time you may be exempt and allowed more time.

Who is required to pay the Highway Vehicle Use Tax?

The HVUT tax is applicable for all people who register a highway vehicle under their name that exceeds a weight of 55,000 pounds. Typically, vehicles like pickup trucks, panel trucks, and vans fall under the category but they are not required to file taxes. It is only applicable for large trucks. Also, if the truck plies less than 5,000 miles the truck is exempt from tax.

What is an EIN number?

The IRS requires a system for protecting the privacy of all the taxpayers despite having access to the identities of all tax filers. The EIN number becomes necessary for filing the returns and if the EIN number does not match the filer’s identity as per the IRS records, the e-file gets rejected.

How will I know my payment has been processed?

The IRS provides a receipt to all tax filers that need to be preserved for future use. It needs to be kept in the truck for any kind of verification. The receipt schedule 1 can also be used for claiming IRS credit in case the filer is eligible.

What should I do if my return is rejected?

You should contact the IRS 2290 office immediately and seek an explanation for their actions. If there are any mistakes in the 2290 form you need to correct them and resubmit your application. If your file is rejected due to fraudulent reasons you need to pay penalties and interest.