Four reminders about the U.S. Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT)      


It is time to file the annual returns of the US Heavy Vehicle Use tax (HVUT), as per the recommendations of the IRS. The tax funds help to improve the infrastructure and maintain it. Truck owners with a taxable heavy vehicle, that weighs 55,000 pounds or more should pay the HVUT  taxes.

The truckers should file HVUT (Heavy Vehicle Use tax) taxes on the first month, that the vehicle was on public highways. The deadline to file the HVUT taxes is August 31st of every tax year. The deadline is arriving soon, and truckers must file their returns at the earliest, to avoid last-minute hassles.

4 reminders about the U.S. Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT)

Truckers should file and pay their HVUT taxes before the deadline, to avoid unnecessary penalties and fines from the IRS. As the deadline is approaching, here are a few important reminders about the US HVUT (Heavy Vehicle Use tax form 2290).

1. HVUT form 2290 due date:

The due date to file 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use tax is August 31st of the tax year. The current tax period for heavy highway vehicles is from July 1st, 2022, and ends on June 30th, 2023. Trucking business, that puts their trucks on the road by July, should e-file 2290 tax returns by 31st August. For vehicles that were put on the road in different months, the deadline will be the last date of the following month.

2. Keeping all required information at hand

To file Form 2290, you should keep the following information ready.

    • Employer identification number
    • Name and address of the business
    • First, use the month of the vehicle
    • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    • The taxable gross weight of the vehicle

The IRS accepts payment for the HVUT taxes using the following methods. It is good to keep these details ready as well.

    • details of debit cards or Electronic Funds Withdrawal
    • check or money order
    • Electronic Federal Tax Payment System
    • Credit or debit cards.
  1. 3. Filing electronically.

The best way to e-file 2290 HVUT taxes on time and within the deadline is to file them electronically. It can take several weeks to obtain proof of tax payment if filing on paper. E-filing is also faster and very accurate. It avoids mistakes and last-minute corrections in the tax form. It also ensures to get the stamped schedule 1 copy of the tax form in the e-mail, within minutes.

4. Remember to carry proof of payment in the truck:

Trucks operating in the United States should carry proof of tax payment in their vehicles at all times. Remember to have the stamped schedule 1 copy of the Tax Form to avoid penalties during random checks. The driver should carry the proof of HVUT tax payment and filing, and present it to the border officials upon request.

You can file your HVUT taxes electronically through Tax2efile. It helps with the instant e-filing process and checks mistakes in the Form before filing. E-filing the tax returns at Tax2efile takes less than 5 minutes, and you can do it from any device. It also offers free VIN checking and corrections. You also get your stamped schedule 1 copy in your mail in minutes.