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Importance of Third Party Designee in your IRS 2290 Form

As a trucker, we are aware more about the Form 2290. In order to talk about the Third Party Designee, let us throw some light on the form first. If you have a vehicle that weighs about 55,000 pounds or more and uses public transport, then you need to file the Form 2290 on or before the 2290 due date. Other than that, if there is a suspended or logging vehicle than the form 2290 needs to be filed. Suspended vehicles are the one, which does not cross more than 5,000 miles per year.

Third Party Designee in IRS 2290 Form

Every year we are filing Form 2290 for the taxable vehicles weighing more than 55,000 pounds. Whenever we file the IRS 2290 Form, there is a part of the application, which we pass on and leave it unattended.  That part of the application is “Assign Third Party Designee” in the Form 2290. However, you need to know what it is before you skip or assign to a particular person. There are certain benefits that you can enjoy if you assign a third party designee, which you e-file Form 2290. A third party designee is a person whom you can trust and share your financial information.

So check out the roles and recognitions of the Third Party Designee before assigning it to a particular person.

The Purpose of Third Party Designee

Any of your business head or employee, a third party member or a tax preparer, whom you wish to discuss with the IRS regarding the Form 2290, can be done. To do so, when filing the Form 2290, check the “YES” option in order to authorize the IRS to talk with the designee to answer the queries related to the information in the Form 2290. Here while you are authorizing the designee, they are also the authorized person for: 

  • ·         Information Exchange regarding the IRS 2290 Form with the IRS.
  • ·         Requesting and receiving the written tax return information that is related to the IRS 2290 Form. This also includes the copies of notices, account transcripts, and correspondence.

It is mandatory to mention the designee’s name, contact number and the five digits that the particular person chooses as his / her personal identification number (PIN). This authorization is applicable only to the tax return on that appears.


The taxpayer is not authorizing the third party designee to bind the tax payer to anything, this also includes additional tax liability or moreover correspond to the tax payer before the IRS. If you want to revoke the same, then you can write a mail to the IRS. You can get more information from the IRS website.

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