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E-file Tax Exempt Return Form 990-N and Extension at Anytime

The tax season has started and all taxpayers are getting ready to file their exempt organizations to file tax returns and filing e-Postcard process before the deadline May 15th. Also, the tax-exempt organizations are expected to file their annual information return to IRS every year. Filing a tax return either Form 990N e-Postcard or Form 8868 Extension in between your tight work schedule is always a problem as it takes much time and effort to file them even if you are operating a small non-profit organization.

If you want to e-file 990-N Form or stuck while filing a Form 990-N, etax990n can fix all those issues and provides a simple and effective way to e-file your tax exempt Forms. Though filing a tax return with Etax990n easy and secure, we offer a quick service which saves much of your time.

IRS 990-N Form Mobile Friendly Web Application

If you are a small tax-exempt organization with annual gross receipt $50,000 or less, you must e-file Form 990-N (e-Postcard) through Etax990n conveniently by completing four simple steps. Etax990N is more secure and mobile friendly web application to E-file Form 990-N from anywhere at any time. Simply open Etax990N.com in your mobile phone browser and complete your 990N e-Postcard tax returns before the deadline. All you need EIN, organization’s business information, tax year, tax information and receipt for revenue less than $50,000.

Etax990N will check the tax payers filled information before submitting to IRS. You are able to save your information at each step and can be edited if it is incorrect. Only after completing the review by the tax experts team and submit your Form to IRS. And once IRS approves your Form, you will get notified through your email. In the case of any missed or incorrect information, IRS rejects your return and you can re-file the Form 990-N through etax990n with free of cost.

IRS 8868 Form Mobile Friendly Web Application 

When you foresee that you cannot file the Form 990-N before the due date for some reason or when you need extra time to file the tax exempt return you can opt for an extended time.  8868 Extension can be done by filing Form 8868 with us, and this has to be reported before the due date of your tax return.

E-filing an IRS 8868 Extension is simple and can be completed in minutes. To do so, you just need basic details of the organization, tax information and annual tax return. For filing 8868 extensions you no need to specify any explanation. Your 8868 extension Form will check for any mistakes before sending to IRS and after submit to IRS, you will get a PDF copy of extension details.

Why you Need etax990n or etax8868?

There are numerous reasons why our clients pick our service over the other. Listing few to highlight our services: 

  • ·         Etax990n and etax8868 is trusted and approved IRS tax partner over a decade of experience in exempt organizations to file tax filing and returns.
  • ·         We have expert tax professional’s team who has thorough knowledge in IRS exempt organizations to file tax returns.
  • ·         Get instant notifications about your 990N or 8868 tax filing status through your email and SMS.
  • ·         As the tax returns deal with your business details, Etax8868 and Etax990N provides a high level of data security and uses latest internet security technology to protect all your data.
  • ·         E-File your 990N e-Postcard or 8868 Forms conveniently from anywhere, and we provide online support at any time.

So stop searching, Efile your nonprofit organization tax return Form 990N e-Postcard or 8868 Extension with us. Contact our US based customer support team if you have any queries while filing Form 990N or 8868 Form electronically, we are 24/7 available to help you. Call us at 703-229-0326for any assistance or send us an email support@tax2efile.com or Live chat.