Upcoming Form 990-N Deadline is August 15: Make Sure to E-File

Most important deadline is coming for nonprofit tax exempt organizations and Form 990N filers. The nonprofit organization, which is operating on fiscal year should file a return on August 15thForm 990-N (e-Postcard) is due date 15th day of the 5th month after the close of your tax year. For the nonprofit organizations, which are not on a calendar tax year, the annual 990-N Form (e-Postcard) return is due by 15th August 2017. For instance, the organization with a tax year ending March 31st must file by August 15th generally. The organizations must file their return in order to hold the organization’s federal tax exemption and in compliance with the IRS and state regulations.

Form 990-N e-Postcard

All exempt nonprofit organizations must file their annual return IRS Form 990 e-Postcard through Tax2efile before the due dateOn this return, the organization must provide a detailed description of its charitable programs, organizational leadership, accomplishments, and finances. They also need to answer the queries attesting to the status of the organization as a true public charity.

Normally organizations, whose gross receipts are $50,000 or less need to file Form 990 N (e-Postcard). When the organization files a Form 990-N then they are not eligible for an extension of time. Generally, churches need not file Form 990, but many churches opt to file for reporting purposes. Even a few states in the country require the organization to file a copy of Form 990 by filing with the Department of Revenue or Charities Bureau. Therefore, the organizations, which filed their Form 990N with the IRS must retain the electronic copies for the purpose of filing with other government agencies.

However, there is no penalty for late filing of the Form 990N, but if the organization fails to file the Form 990N e-Postcard for three years consecutively then the organization will lose the tax-exempt status automatically. Here, the organizations that file Form 990N do not qualify for this extension of time.

Filing Form 990N e-Postcard

Form 990N can be filed through Tax2efile easily and quickly. Filing the Form 990 N with Tax2efile, follow the below simple 3 steps to file your e-postcard with us.

1.      Initially, enter the Employer Identification Number (EIN) in order to e-file Form 990-N to the IRS.

2.      Select the filing year from the available tax year to e-file and update the organization details if needed.

3.      Review the completed form before making the payment. Complete the payment and transmit to the IRS.

Form 990- N Deadline

Generally, the deadline for the IRS 990 E Postcard has varying filing dates. The Form 990 deadline is determined by the ending date of any organization’s fiscal year and there is no fixed deadline for filing the 990- N Form. All the organizations are expected to file the tax form by the 15th day of the 5th month from the last date of any fiscal year.

Maybe August 15th is not a due date for your organization; your due date will be coming in next month. Refer the following table for the deadline of the 990N Form for different closing tax years.

Tax Year Start Date

Tax Year Closing Date

Form 990N Deadline

January 1

December 31

May 15

February 1

January 31

June 15

March 1

February 28

July 15

April 1

March 31

August 15

May 1

April 30

September 15

June 1

May 31

October 15

July 1

June 30

November 15

August 1

July 31

December 15

September 1

August 31

January 15

October 1

September 30

February 15

November 1

October 31

March 15

December 1

November 30

April 15

Extension for 990N Form

If an organization cannot file and submit the Form 990N return to the IRS before the deadline of the closing tax year, then the organization can apply for an extension of time to file the return. The exempt organizations can obtain an automatic extension of the 6-month period by filing the Form 8868 before the deadline.

Therefore for all the non-profit organizations, it is time to e-file your Form 990N. The due date is not too far, so hurry up with your e-filing before the due date August 15th, 2017 and avoids adverse situations. Register here to start your filing or get in touch with our tax experts via 703-229-0326. Feel free to contact us support@tax2efile.com or live chat (24*7 available).