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Don't Postpone of Efiling Form 990 N to Avoid Cancellation of Tax Exempt Status

The small charitable and non-profit organizations should do the regular annual electronic filing of the IRS e-post card 990-n when their gross receipts are usually $50,000 or less as per the instructions of Federal Government IRS. The regular annual filing of e-postcard helps small non-profits and charitable organizations to sustain with their tax-exempt status as considered by IRS which means they can just file e-postcard 990-n to show their gross receipts through the contributions accepted from different donors and other sources, here-in the small non-profits should understand that they do not have to pay taxes for the revenues received and used for their charity purpose which is as a privilege as borne out of the section 501(C)(3) as given to them by IRS.

irs tax filing 990n

Small non-profits and charities should not mis-handle this important privilege by not filing 990-n e-postcard annually will only defeat the essential purpose of allowing the small charities to help the communities and societies as structured by IRS through the federal government. Moreover this failure of not filing the e-postcard in a year will only pile up and add to the miseries of cascading and burdened accounting of the total receipts as donations towards their organizations and further making it difficult to comply with the regular e-filing of e-postcard 990-n annually for the forthcoming and following years.
So this very reason may lead the small non-profits and charities to fail the e-filing of 990-n e-postcard beyond even up to three years. Therefore this likelihood of being a prey as non-compliant may force small non-profits to postpone of e-filing 990-n against the IRS considerate ruling on annual filing of e-postcard may only lead IRS to prepone the automatic withdrawal of the tax-exempt status to such failing small non-profits and charities.
Small non-profits and charities and who are doing a great service to different sections of people are all required to e-file their 990-n to show cause for their gross receipts in a year through regular annual filing of IRS e-postcard through the approved and certified tax partner by 15th day of the 5th month every year as based on ones’ tax year.

Do not postpone your e-file of 990-n and do not make IRS prepone the automatic withdrawal of your tax exempt status.