IRS Tax Form 990N Filing Tips for Non-Profit Organizations

The tax Form 990N is meant for tax-exempt organizations that need to file the Form every year to maintain their tax exemption status by law. IRS tax Forms 990N are used to outline the various accomplishments of any organization and also mention the detailed financial information for its respective financial year. The Form 990N e-Postcard also has a section to help justify the maintenance of the tax exemption status of any small non-profit organization. The IRS uses the non-profit tax Form 990N to ensure that the tax exemption that is granted is given to qualifying organizations only and the Form also serves the purpose of letting the IRS know about all the organization’s activities. 

Organizations that are required to file Form 990N

The Form 990N is completely online based and physical copies of the Form hold no value. The informational tax Form is applicable for most of the tax-exempt organizations which have gross receipts exceeding $200,000. Various organizations like political parties, religious organizations, and churches are not required to e-file Form 990N.

Information required to file Form 990N

When you e-file Form 990N there is a lot of information that is required including the mission of the organization and other activities of significance. The organizations that fall under the filing guidelines are required to disclose financial details completely including the revenues earned and expenses incurred. The assets and liabilities are also mentioned through balance sheets so the IRS can ensure the organizations are worthy of getting tax exemptions. 

Non-profit tax Form 990N mostly focuses on how any particular organization is governed and also the names of the officers, highly paid employees, directors, and other employees who directly manage the organization. Any organization that overcompensates any employees may lose the tax-exempt status that is provided by the IRS. 

990 Tax Form Attachments

There are various attachments that are required to be provided along with the supporting documents depending on the answers provided in the tax Form. All of the information regarding attachments is present in Part IV of Form 990N and mentions the uses and benefits of attachments like Schedule B and Schedule of Contributors. 

In some cases a Schedule C may also be required to the political activities of the organizations are reported. While Schedule D is provided to in Form the IRS with the status of their financial condition through financial statements. A Schedule F may be used to report the level of activity of the organization outside the scope of the United States. A Schedule G is used to in Form the IRS of its fundraising and other financial activities that lead to revenue generation outside the scope of normal business activities. 


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