File Tax Extension Form 8868 in This Summer | 990 Extension

The tax filers of the nation are having a deep breath as they have survived the current financial year’s personal income tax deadline. As an IRS-authorized tax service provider, we are proud of you for filing your 990N tax return on time or filing a 990 extension by the due date to prevent severe penalties and fees from the Internal Revenue Service. Though you have come out of the major tax deadline, the summer tax season is still in full swing. Still did not file returns for your organizations? Or forgot to do so? There is the easiest solution, which is to file Form 8868 tax extension.

990N Information Returns – 990 Extension

Every non-profit organization or tax-exempt group such as educational institutions, charities, and groups against child cruelty required to file an Information Returns Form 990 every year in order to make the concerned organization’s financial information available to the public and to showcase to the IRS that they are not taking advantage of their tax-exempt status.
Filing Form 990 and 8868 with the required information, so that the IRS keeps track of the organization. However, there may be a situation where you cannot file the Form on time. On the other hand, you cannot file late else, you will be hit with huge IRS penalties and fees.  In such cases, IRS Form 8868 can help you get more time to file.
IRS Form 8868 is automatic and all you need to do is to provide the IRS with a valid reason for the extension. Spend a few minutes by e-filing Form 8868 by the May 15th deadline.
E-filing the 8868 Form is a simple process; all you need to have is details about your organization, EIN, Tax ID, tax year period, and the Form you typically file. Note that the information submitted by you must match the information that the IRS has on the file.

E-File Form 8868 this summer with Tax2efile

No more stress this summer as Tax2efile has made the e-filing Form 8868 quick and simple to complete. On successful submission of the form, you will get an automatic extension in no time.
IRS Form 8868 “Application for Extension of Time To File an Exempt Organization Return” shall always mean 990N or Form 990-EZ 01, Form 990-BL 02, Form 4720 (individual) 03, Form 990-PF 04, Form 990-T (sec. 401(a) or 408(a) trust) 05, and Form 990-T (trust other than above), Form 990-T (corporation) 07, Form 1041-A 08, Form 4720 (other than individual) 09, Form 5227 10, Form 6069 11, Form 8870 were or are doing to upgrade such process of charity purpose 
Get started with Tax2efile by just creating a free account and clicking “Start here” from the dashboard where you need to fill in the business information along with the EIN.  Select the tax year information and choose the Form for which the 6-month extension time must be applied. In the next step, enter the tax amount. After reviewing the filled information in the Form, you can confirm the payment.
You can fill the field quickly with the basic information of your organization and tax details. We check and audit for the correctness of the information. You can correct the mistakes while you review the filled form. Once the form is submitted, it is transmitted directly to the IRS. After the review of the IRS, the extension will be approved and the same will be notified to the filer through the registered email. Users of Tax2efile can also check the live status updates from their dashboard.

Tax2efile Assistance

Tax2efile provides a convenient method to file your Form 8868 with our robust and trusted software platform. If you have, any questions related to filing an extension or other queries, feel free to contact our 24 /7 customer support team at 703 229 0326.