Heavy Vehicle Use Tax ( HVUT ) for 2012 2013 Tax Season

Form 2290 for 2012 and 2013 can be e-filed through Tax2efile. Click on the start my return button on top to start your filing or call us at 703-229-0326 to get US-based customer support to clear your doubts or click on the “Live Support Online” Button button to start asking questions right away. All truckers are anxious about the new tax season of form 2290; highway Heavy Road Use Tax return 2012 2013 as it is fast approaching and whether there will be an extension of the last tax period of 2011 2012. Recently IRS announced that the new form 2290 for 2012 and 2013 will not have any additional changes from last year. IRS Form 2290 stays the same as last year with no change in the Heavy Road Use Tax amounts and rules for accepting it electronically.

All filers can file form 2290 on July 1st but schedule 1 will only be available on July 2nd onwards since IRS does not accept returns on federal holidays and weekends. If any filer is including a direct debit payment record in the return while filing electronically it will be verified with IRS and only on the next working day only, it will get processed. If any filer needs to have schedule 1 available on July 1st itself, they need to file the return by selecting the EFTPS payment option. That way the filers will be able to download Schedule 1 from IRS on July 1st itself provided they pay the Heavy Road Use Tax by going to the website of EFTPS. As an electronic filing provider we, at Tax2efile are always upfront with our customers to inform them of the latest news and updates directly from IRS so that the filers do not have to follow up with IRS by calling their phone numbers and waiting long hours for someone to answer their questions. IRS has already released Form 2290, highway Heavy Road Use Tax for 2012 and 2013, and paper filers can download the form directly from the IRS website. Instructions for the latest version of Form 2290 are also available on the IRS website for filers to understand the availability.  

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