File Your HVUT Form 2290 on the Way to Save your Precious Time

Form 2290 of the IRS corresponds to the heavy vehicles and trucks that come under the taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. Owners of heavy vehicles are expected to file the heavy vehicle use tax returns by 31st August of the tax year, and they can choose to prepay the tax to avoid penalties and fines for late payment of tax. If the form is not filed before the due date, then the IRS levies serious penalties in the form of fines and additional interests. 

Saving time and Avoiding Fines with Form 2290

The penalty for not filing the IRS Form 2290 by the deadline can invite 4.5% of the total tax amount and this penalty will increase monthly for up to five months. If you do not file the tax on time and fail to pay the tax due amount, then a penalty of 0.5% of the total tax amount will be levied along with an additional interest charge of 0.54% per month. Thus, by this calculation, we can understand that the HVUT tax payment that was initially $550 will increase to about $700 by the end of five months. We can avoid all of this and also save your time by filing the HVUT Form 2290 on the go with

Tax2efile is an IRS authorized service provider that offers electronic filing solutions for Form 2290, its extension forms, 2290 Amendments, etc., and makes sure that you can complete and file the Form in less than 5 minutes to avoid last-minute hurdles and to prevent penalties with late filing. 

E-filing Form 2290 with the IRS

The tax year for which vehicle owners should file HVUT Form begins by July 2021 and ends by June 30, 2022. And the truck owners who are operating their heavy vehicles between these dates are expected to file the tax return Form with the IRS before the due date. With Tax2efile, you can choose to e-file the form rather than mailing it to the IRS, which will take another 4 or 5 days to get acknowledged.

By choosing to e-file the IRS Form with the EIN, VIN, gross weight of the vehicle, and other important details, the form will be sent to the IRS immediately and you will be able to download the stamped copy of Schedule 1 of Form 2290 in your mail instantly within 10 minutes. Thus, even if you were not aware of the deadline and have dragged your filing process until the last minute, you could still escape the file and penalties by choosing to e-file the HVUT tax form with Tax2efile. 

Tax2efile Advantage to avoid Penalties with Form 2290

By choosing to file Form 2290 through Tax2efile you can benefit from error-free submissions within minutes. And you can also file them on the go when you take a few minute’s breaks in your drive, in your leisure, and even before you rest for a while and get your IRS stamped copy of Schedule-1 within minutes. Our completed automated e-filing process will get your Form submitted with the IRS within minutes and you can also use our service to perform Form 2290 Amendments for VIN correction, for filing tax returns for gross weight increases, and even to cover mileage limits. 

You can also upload the data for multiple vehicles with the help of a single excel file through us and get all your hurdles eased out. We make use of SSL encrypted connections for transferring all sensitive information and our support team is always by your side to make the e-filing process convenient and easy.