Truck Maintenance: What You Need to Do for Truck on Regular Basis

You are no more a trucker without a truck. If you are a truck driver who uses a company truck, lease a truck or own a truck, your vital tool for survival is a truck. Hence it becomes important to maintain your truck and keep it in better shape. Only a well-preserved truck can have its long run and give you a better outcome. So check out what a truck needs for its regular maintenance.   

Things to be Noted for Regular Truck Maintenance

1. As a truck driver, your first step is to read the truck owner’s manual and familiarize with the type of oil that the truck needs, how to change the filters, check for specific functions of the truck and much more. Accustom to the sounds of your truck, so that if some sound goes off in your truck you get to know about the problem.

2. Tires are the vital part of any truck. Tires have much to do with the alignment and help to prevent damage to your suspension. For a smooth ride, the tires must be even. When the tires run more they may get worn out so frequent monitoring is a must. Note that the front tires wore out the most.

3.   3. The tires must be aligned and balanced on a regular basis. Failing to do that may put stress on the suspension. Later the truck starts to pull towards a side which makes difficult to handle the truck.

4.   4. Truck oil must be changed regularly. Changing the oil not only benefits the engine but also increases truck’s performance. Spending few bucks towards the oil might increase the worth of the truck. Remember to change the oil filters for every 15 to 30k miles.

5.   5. Lights of the truck are similar to eyes. Bright lights enable you to see other vehicles on road and also other vehicles can see your vehicle. Better used for signaling other vehicles. During long trips, it is wise to keep spare light bulbs and fuses so that you can change them easily on the go without anyone assistance.

6.   6. The foremost thing you must note before starting the truck is the brakes. Ensure the brakes are working properly. And also check whether the brake lines are not being blocked and they are clear of debris. Avoid leaking in break lines.

7.   7. Check the fluid levels and coolant. If the coolant gets low, your radiator might overheat. And ensure that there is no leakage in the vehicle.

A timely act can overcome many difficulties. When you are maintaining your truck regularly, it will be in good shape and again it profits you. Only a better truck can have its long run and improves the quality of your work. Just take care of your trucks.