Common Mistakes Should Avoid by Rookie Drivers

Getting lost without GPS, running out of fuel, and missing signs. All those points one thing in common. Guess what? These are the common mistakes that the rookie drivers make. The mistakes may seem to be silly but it may cost much of your time and money. And at times it may be risky. Listing some of the common mistakes that the rookie drivers make and some tips on how to avoid them.

Rookie Drivers Must Avoid These Mistakes

    1. With the excitement of a new job, the rookie drivers don’t listen to the instructions and the suggestions of veteran drivers properly. This is the first and major mistake that most rookies do. In spite of all this training, you need to gain some professional real-time experience. So when the experienced truck driver gives you some suggestions, it is for your betterment so take it.
    2. Understand your nature of the job and then start it. Many new truckers’ expectations about the work and the nature of the work might mismatch. This is a trucking industry and you cannot expect a fixed timing work routine, the work may demand to stay away from home, no night sleep, and so on. To accept the changes and give your best to the work.
    3. A truck inspection is a must whenever you take the truck out of the dock. Even if you are running behind your schedule, climatic conditions, or least concerned about the truck, it is advisable to have a truck inspection.
    4. Ensure that the tires are in good condition, check the fluid levels, signs of damage to the truck, and check the breaks, lights before you start your trip. Failing to those safety checks will increase the personal liability in the event of an accident or injury.
    5. Make sure that you are following the road rules by the government, never miss out signs, and ensure your speed limits. These simple acts can save you from any undesired happening on road.
    6. Load your truck with enough stuff like cool drinks, water, food, tissue papers, medicines, and first aid kit. These could help you in all adverse situations and helps to keep you healthy.

Way to go, Rookie Drivers,

Every rookie drivers start their trucking career with different levels of skills and experience. When you understand the job, understand the work limits, stick to the rules, and avoid bad habits you ensure that you will have the best career in the trucking industry. Way to go rookie truckers!!  

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