5 Important Mistakes to Avoid While Filing Your Heavy Use Taxes

Are you a first time HVUT tax filer? Then it is common to make mistakes while e-filing your Form 2290 online. But it can be avoided when you read out this blog and follow the instructions carefully. By checking out the common errors that you can be made while filing the IRS Form 2290 you may be aware of those errors and avoid them in future. Here in this blog, let us discuss the 5 important mistakes that you need to avoid while filing HVUT taxes.

Common Mistakes to avoid on Filing HVUT Form 2290 

Wrong VIN or EIN:

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and EIN (Employer Identification Number) these two identity numbers are essential while you e-file your 2290 form. When you start filing your IRS 2290 form online you need to furnish these two numbers, which is mandatory. When misplace even a single letter or number in this VIN or EIN, then it would end up in incorrect data and as a result your tax return filing will be rejected by the IRS. In such case, you can re-submit your rejected form with Etax2290.com for free with us. Hence make sure to enter correct VIN and EIN.

Reporting the taxable vehicle under wrong category:

When you expect to travel less than 5,000 miles on public highways with your heavy weight taxable vehicle during the particular tax year, you can file the taxable vehicle as suspended. By doing so, you will save a lot of your time and money. On the other hand, when you exceed the mileage limit then you have the option to amend the Form 2290 through Etax2290.com

Incorrect Filing Year:

Another common mistake that many tax filers do is the entering the incorrect filing year. You need the select the appropriate tax filing year while e-filing your 2290 Form. For instance, when you enter a previously filed year instead of current filing year, then you will end up in paying twice for the previously filed year and you still need to file for the current tax year.

EIN that is not Registered:

When you are e-filing the Form 2290 with a new EIN, you need to be more cautious as the it takes 10 business for the new EIN to be updated in the database of the IRS. Hence, apply for the new EIN at least a month before you start e-filing your 2290 form. So that your EIN is activated before you e-file the IRS 2290 form and it can avoid unnecessary rejections.

Wrong First Use Month of the Vehicle:

HVUT tax year begins from 1st July 2018 and ends at 20 June 2019. For all the renewals, the first used month of the taxable vehicle is July. In case if you have purchased the taxable vehicle after the start of the current tax year, you can choose a later month. For instance, if you purchase a new heavy weight vehicle in the month of September, then that particular month will be the first used month. Even though this error will never make your 2290 form filing rejected, it can delay the process and can create issues with your new tags.

Having discussed about the frequent errors while filing the HVUT taxes, we can avoid those errors in the filing process. As we avoid the errors, we avoid the IRS form rejections and delay in process.