Get a 15% offer with Tax2efile Mobile to File Form 2290 (Coupon code: 2290EM21)

Truck owners who have a truck of weight about 55,000 pounds should pay their heavy vehicle utility tax with the IRS, before the due date of August 31st, 2021. Now that the days are been counted, the taxpayers must pay their tax at the earliest, to prevent penalties and fines from the IRS. And choosing to mail Form 2290 to pay the tax with the IRS is not a great idea as the process can take a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks and by the time the form reaches the IRS, the due date will get void and the IRS can impose fines on the taxpayers.

There is yet another problem with last-minute tax paper mailings. If the form is filled manually, there are all chances for it to have corrections and if the IRS rejects the Form for its mistakes, again the taxpayer will have to pay their taxes with a fine. Now the best option is to e-file Form 2290 from an IRS authorized tax service provider, to prevent last-minute fines and Form rejections owing to corrections. By choosing to report your HVUT on Form 2290 by e-filing it through Tax2efile, you also can enjoy a flat 15% off by entering the coupon code 2290EM21 at the checkout process. This is perhaps one of the best offers that you could get, even while you are on the verge of tax payments as the due date is nearing. Tax2efile helps you to pay the tax without fines and mistakes and also entitles you to a flat discount that can be availed on its mobile app. 

Why should you choose Tax2efile to report your HVUT tax?

  • By choosing Tax2efile, the taxpayers can get to bypass the hectic process of paper filing, which is a time-consuming job. 
  • They can e-file HVUT Form online instantly and get the stamped copy of the schedule-1 in their mail instantly.
  • They can download the app on their mobile phone instantly and choose to pay the tax on the go. They can complete the tax filing process within minutes when they are resting at their leisure.
  • The portal has an auto-correction feature that helps to ensure that the Form is filled appropriately as per the requirements laid by the IRS.
  • For existing users, the portal has all of their information saved and thus they can complete the filing process instantly, with the help of its auto-filling option.
  • A bulk filing feature is also available to report tax of a large fleet of vehicles (up to 25 vehicles and even more) instantly.
  • The friendly customer support team from Tax2efile is available 24/7 and they will keep in touch with the taxpayer and help them with every single process of the tax filing procedure. 
  • Above all, Tax2efile offers a flat 15% discount when we apply the coupon code 2290EM21 at the checkout process, which is a super bonanza offer. 

As the due date for filing Form 2290 is fast approaching, the truck owners should wait no further and report their heavy vehicle use tax instantly and also avail of attractive discounts offered by Tax2efile. It is very easy to log in to the portal with the simple registration process. Their team of dedicated experts will take care of every single aspect of the Form filing procedure such as entering VIN, EIN, uploading important files on the system, etc., on behalf of the tax filer and will mail the Schedule-1 copy back to the users instantly.