How To File Form 2290 Amendments with Tax2efile?

Before starting Form 2290 amendment, you need to know why an amendment is needed and when it is used? Common reasons for Form 2290 amendments are: VIN (Vehicle Identification Number ) Correction, Increase in taxable gross weight of the vehicle and exceeded mileage.

VIN correction is the most common and repetitive errors and the VIN can be corrected at no additional cost at Tax2efile The IRS matches the filed VIN, when the VIN does not match with the records in their system it rejects the 2290 form.

As a user of Tax2efile you can correct the VIN very easily. To do so, you just need to login to your account. Enter into your dashboard. Find the VIN Correction button at the right top of the dashboard. Click it and provide the reference number. Finally update the correct VIN in the provided space. You are now done with your VIN correction.

The Heavy Vehicles tend to get more weight or it may be reevaluated by the officials during the tax year. If there is any increase or decrease in the gross weight of the vehicle, it can affect the total tax amount. This needs to be reported and updated in the 2290 Form.

The owners of the heavy weight vehicles can list their vehicles as “suspended” when their vehicle is expected to travel less than 5,000 miles annually or 7,500 miles for agricultural vehicles. In such case the owner must amend the Form 2290 and pay the HVUT Tax before the due date.

Steps to File Form 2290 Amendments:

To start filing Form 2290 Amendments withTax2efile, the client must know whether the Form 2290 was submitted through Tax2efile e-filing service previously. By providing the information, the customer support team can change the Form 2290 directly.

When the client submitted the 2290 Form through Tax2efile e-filing service, the client can follow the below steps to start amendments:

  1. Login to the user account.
  2. Select the business for which the vehicle is registered.
  3. Click on the “Profile History”
  4. Select from the different 2290 forms, which is filed for the business.
  5. You cannot use the “Edit” option as the filing is submitted already and the documents are received for that filing.
  6. Hence, the client must start with a new filing with the same business information.
  7. Mention it as an “Amended Return”. When it is mentioned as amended return, the system recognizes that this Form 2290 is filed already and few changes are required.
  8. The user can complete the new filing and submit it as done before.

Follow these simple steps to complete your amendment process. For further queries, reach our customer support team.