Need to Know Tax2Efile – Best 2290 Filing Solution


Form 2290 corresponds to the HVUT (Highway Vehicle use tax) and is the annual tax that is been levied for the heavy vehicles that operate on the public highways with a gross taxable weight of 55,000 pounds or more. If the truck is been registered in your name at the time of its first use in the tax period, then you have to file the Federal Tax Form 2290 before August 31st of the tax year and get the stamped copy of Schedule 1 from the IRS before the due date.

Best filing solution for Form 2290

You can either choose to file Form 2290 either electronically or send it through mail to the IRS. Filing it electronically is the most viable option as you can get the stamped Schedule copy instantly and you can choose to file them through Tax2efile. Our smart filing wizard takes you through the step-by-step filing process and helps you to submit the form on time and get the stamped copy of Schedule 1instantly. 

Tax2efie is an authorized e-file service provider and is certified by the IRS to file all federal tax forms. Our services are extended to e-file Form 2290 and also amend the return for corrections about the Vehicle Identification Number, mileage increases, increase in the gross weight and to settle credit claims for trucks that have been stoled, damaged, sold, destroyed and for vehicles that have not covered the prescribed 5000 miles mileage.

By choosing to get Tax2efile through us, you get to save your time and get yourself relieved from the strenuous process of mailing and printing the paper forms. 

Advantages of choosing Tax2file for you 2290 filing solutions

We make your job simpler by helping you to e-file Form 2290 at a reasonable cost. With us, you can easily file the returns by yourself and need not rely on a tax professional to do them for you. New users can easily complete and file Form 2290 within ten minutes without undergoing any training. We also provide a stamped copy of IRS schedule 1 in the email within five minutes of the online Form.

Our trained and experienced professionals have years of experience in filing the IRS forms and our customer support is always available round the clock at your service. Our integration with the accounting software helps in filing multiple 2290 Forms with a single account. With our easy filing process, our taxpayers can register and tax form 2290 at the lowest pricing possible.

Before sending the tax returns to the IRS, we will perform an instant tax audit by checking the errors and send instant status notifications of Form 2290. We also use our auto-check option to avoid the chances of rejections and errors. Our experts also help with expert VIN corrections, and we help in correcting Form 2290 VIN errors while filing the truck taxes. We also help to upload the data of multiple vehicles at once, and all your data will get processed in minutes. 

Even if Form 2290 is rejected, at tax2efile we render unlimited E-filing options for the rejected 2290 forms. And our experienced customer care service is ready to help anytime, with both email and live chat support. By registering Form 2290 through us, you can get your stamped copy of Schedule-1 within minutes and get automatic updates through text or email instantly.