This Week’s Top Story About E-filing Form 2290

The IRS Form 2290 is the Federal tax return Form for filing truck tax. It is also known as the Heavy vehicle use tax. It is a federal tax for heavy-weight highway vehicles, with a gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. The owners of heavy vehicles should file their returns with the IRS annually, to get their stamped Schedule 1 copy. 

Due Date to e-file 2290 HVUT Taxes

The due date to file Form 2290 is between July 1st to August 31st of the tax year. Generally, the truckers will run their trucks, by June and thus will file their taxes by July. If the trucks are on the road during other months, other than June, the tax period will be different. It is generally the last date of the month following the month of first use of the vehicle.

Pre-file Form 2290 with IRS before Season Starts

Most truck owners prefer to pre-file their HVUT tax returns, which are open from 1st to 30th June. There are several advantages of pre-filing the tax returns with the IRS. 

  • There is an opportunity for the truck owners to pre-file their forms now and pay them later. 
  • Pre-filing HVUT Form 2290, offers them three months to correct errors. This helps in preventing tax returns, and to make amendments. 
  • Pre-filing eliminates the risks of having to pay late penalties.
  • It is common for the IRS to experience technical problems, during the peak filing season. By pre-filing in June, we can avoid this. 
  • It is possible to get expert help from an experienced tax support team.
  • Pre-filing the 2290 tax form with an authorized service provider is easy and stress-free. 

Taxpayers can log in to their account for free and enter their vehicle and business information number. After entering the truck’s weight, it is possible to calculate the tax amount within minutes. The truck owners only have to select their payment method and submit the 2290 Form with the IRS. After the IRS accepts the returns, in July, when the tax period starts, the truck owners can get their stamped schedule 1 copy in their mail, in minutes. 

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By choosing to pre-file or e-file your 2290 tax returns with Tax2efile, the taxpayers get another advantage. They need not enter all their information in the future, as they will be kept safe in the portal. They can calculate their taxes in minutes and also make all corrections online. The technical support team from Tax2efile will always support taxpayers at every step of their tax filing process until they get stamped copy of schedule 1 in their mail.