What happens if you forget to file 1098-T and 1098-MORT Forms?

All of us must be gearing up as the new tax year is approaching. Amid the various forms, you must have come across 1098-T and 1098-MORT forms. Let us glimpse through the details regarding these forms.

What is the 1098-T Form?

College students receive a 1098-T form. This tax form or tuition statement form is sent from the university or college during the tax period. The 1098-T form is intended mainly for educational institutions reporting the IRS. They report to the IRS about every student who paid a quality fee and associated expenses.

Form 1098-T is mandatory for every student taxpayer where a related copy is sent to the IRS to find if the taxpayer is suitable for education credit. By January 31st educational institutions send form 1098-T to you. The form due to the IRS must be complete by February 28, if filed by mail or March 31 if filed electronically.

What if you forget to file Form 1098-T?

  • For taxpayers failing to file Form 1098-T, not completing the form according to its entirety and incorrect information filing results in a penalty from the IRS.
  • Penalties for Form 1098-T are also due to failure reporting TIN, reporting incorrect TIN, and paper filing if IRS mandates an e-file.
  • The penalties for filing for 1098-T varies from $50 to $3282500. 

What is the 1098 MORT form?

Form 1098 is a mortgage interest statement and an IRS tax form. This form is mainly for reporting mortgage interest any lender gains during the year. The interest amount a borrower pays during a year for the loan is the mortgage interest.

The amount mentioned in form 1098 includes mortgage insurance premiums, points, mortgage interest, and overpaid interest reimbursements. If the lender receives $600 or more in a year, the mortgage interest statement form 1098 must be filled. The lender must provide form 1098 to the IRS and the borrower.

What if you forget to file form 1098 MORT?

  • There are several penalties for ones failing to file form 1098 timely and correctly.
  • Penalties apply for electronic filers as well as paper filers.
  • Tax filers are subject to a penalty for failing to report all the details on return, failure to report punctually, and providing incorrect details.
  • The penalty is also applicable for filing on paper if you have to file electronically and providing an incorrect tax ID.
  • The penalties vary from $30 to $250 depending on the error in filing form 1098 MORT. 

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