Know everything about 1099-DIV Tax Form Dividends and Distributions

Filing Form 1099 Online before Deadline

Are you aware of 1099-DIV dividends and distributions? The IRS Form 1099-DIV is sent by financial institutions and banks to investors. Investors gaining distributions and dividends for investment during the year must fill the 1099-DIV dividends and distributions.

What is 1099-DIV?

The Form 1099-DIV is proof for any entity or company that paid you dividends. For earnings above $10 profits from other entities or companies, a 1099-DIV reaches you.

  • The 1099-DIV is a usual category of IRS form. It plays the role of proof that an individual or entity paid you money but not an employer. 
  • The form 1099-DIV bears the taxpayer identification number or social security number on it. In this way, the IRS updates itself with the dividends you receive. In case you do not include the profits in the tax return, the IRS holds proof. 
  • Since you gain dividends from your investments, you may receive Form 1099-DIV from your brokerage firms. 
  • Dividends fall under taxable income. There are some exemptions for income. Such exclusions depend on the characteristics of the asset that produces it. Whatever the case may be, the IRS is well aware of it. 

Particular instructions to file 1099-DIV

Filing form 1099-DIV is mandatory

  • If you have paid or withheld stock distributions or foreign tax on dividends. 
  • For having paid distributions or dividends as $10 or more by property or money. 
  • If you paid $600 or additional as property or money as a portion of liquidation. 
  • Scenarios where you withheld any federal income tax for dividends that fall under backup withholding rules.

Exceptions for 1099-DIV

1099-DIV form filing is not mandatory for the following cases.

  • Taxable dividend distribution from employee stock ownership plans or life insurance corporations need not file Form 1099-DIV. Such aspects fall on Form 1099-R, IRAs, Annuities, pension distributions, insurance contracts, profit-sharing plans, and retirements. 
  • Payments made to certain payees do not mandate form 1099-DIV. A few of them include IRA, a corporation, tax-exempt organization, United States Agency, United States possession, Health savings account, commodities dealer or registered securities, and the district of Columbia. 
  • If you’re substituting payments instead of earnings, do not worry about 1099-DIV. You get as payments instead of profits from the broker on behalf of the customer. 

Who must file Form 1099-DIV dividends and distributions?

Financial institutions, banks, and investment companies must furnish taxpayers with file form 1099-DIV. The companies offer form 1099-DIV to the investors as well as IRS. All investors receiving form 1099-DIV are ones with qualified dividends, ordinary dividends, or total capital gains. Investors also need to file FATCA or foreign account tax compliance act for foreign accounts. The law is applicable for US citizens abroad and in the country holding foreign accounts.

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