Additional Extensions of Time to File a Tax Return

Additional Extensions of Time to File a Tax Return

A tax payer cannot request a second extension to file a personal income tax return with the IRS. Instead, the tax payer can request an automatic extension of time by filing Form 4868, this will grant the tax payer an extra 6 months to file the tax returns.

Earlier, the tax payer could request an automatic 4 month extension followed by 2 month extension. Form 2688, which was used to request the second extension is no longer in use.

Requesting and filing an extension is simple and involves no complex process. Before filing an extension, understand the necessity of it. Requesting the extension is asking the IRS for extra time to file the tax return. The deadline to file the personal tax return is 15th April.  When the tax payer files the Form 4868 with the IRS, the IRS extends the deadline by six months. Then the new deadline will be 15th October.

But the tax payments are still due by 15th April 2018. Note that the extension is only for filing the tax returns, not for paying the tax dues. The IRS will charge penalties and interests on the tax payments that are made after 15th April.

  • Check tax calendar for filing deadlines.
  • Check directory of state tax extensions, to get information about filing an extension.

How to file an extension? :

  1. Before starting to file, create a rough draft of the tax return, this will give an idea of whether you need to pay or you have a refund.
  2. Download the Form 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time and fill it out. When you owe tax to the IRS, enter the check for the tax amount that you owe.|
  3. Mail the extension request along with your check. Remember that the extension must be postmarked on or before 18th April or 19th April. It is better to send the mail through certified mail along with return receipt request. This will give you proof that you mailed the extension request and proof, which is received by the IRS.
  4. The tax payer can also file the extension request online. To do so, you need to e-file the request before the midnight of the deadline date. This process is simple and you can complete the request within few minutes.

The Bottom Line:

You can e-file your online tax extension request through We complete the process for you and ensure that you get the extension time from the IRS. To do so register with us, to start e-filing,