When to Prepare and e-File a Tax Extension 4868 Form?

Tax deadlines are creeping up to you, So filing a tax extension is the right choice. The due date for filing an individual tax return for 2020 is May 17, 2021. Your deadline is until mid-July for payment of taxes without penalties. People busy with a family emergency, school, travel, etc. can request a file extension for up to six months. A tax extension is possible by filing form 4868 to the IRS.

When to file a 4868 tax extension?

Are you getting ready to file an extension? Know a few details and check if it’s appropriate for you to file an extension. Below are a few reasons to push your due date.

    • For taxpayers facing unexpected life event need to file an extension.
    • Taxpayers with missing documents need to file a tax extension.
    • For busy people finding less time need to file a tax extension. 

For taxpayers unable to file a federal tax return for 2020 with the due date as May 17, 2021, are to file an extension with IRS. BY filing an IRS, taxpayers avoid late payment penalties or late filings. By filing an extension, the deadline extends to October 15, 2021.

It is vital to bear in mind that extension only extends the deadline for filing tax documents. The extension is not an additional time for paying taxes. The payment must be made by the filing deadline to avoid penalties.

Methods to file form 4868

There are two methods for filing an extension automatically.

Filing form 4868 is possible electronically or through the mail. For taxpayers mailing a paper version to the IRS must postmark at the earliest. It is mandatory to utilize the US postal service for dispatching the form. Private delivery services do not deliver to IRS PO boxes.

Few taxpayers submit form 4868 electronically through tax professionals or their system. A piece of advice is to have a copy of the tax return 2020 handy. Few details are mandatory to verify identity. Opt for Free file fillable forms or IRS free file to prepare and e-file without cost.

Using IRS free file

  • Go to IRS.gov/free file to glance through all free file options.
  • Use the lookup tool for your search.
  • Pick the provider and follow the instruction for the filing form.
  • Complete the filing if you have all mandatory records.

By utilizing IRS free files, the taxpayers are free from unnecessary fees, are guided as per their choice, gains assistance as needed, are protected from bank product fees, etc. 

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