What is a Form 4868 and What Does it Do?

For those of you who have been told to file a form 4868, but aren’t necessarily sure what the form is actually for, stick around and we’ll map it out for you quickly. The form is basically an extension of the amount of time you have before you have to file your tax returns. So, we all know April 15th is always tax day, for those who need a little bit longer from that point, you have a six-month window after that to file. All you have to do is file a form 4868 and you have your extension, well that’s pretty much all you have to do. You can either mail the form to whichever designated IRS office is assigned to your state, or you can get in touch with us to help you E-file a tax extension. Either one is perfectly fine to do and both are accepted by the IRS.

What else is there to it?

Really, one of the biggest details you need to be sure you follow is what you need to do if you are filing a joint return. Filling out Form 4868 is actually a very easy thing to do, but if you are filing jointly with your spouse or partner, you absolutely have to make it known on this form. If you forget to do this, you will face delays and potential penalties.

It should be understood that Form 4868 is not an extension on the time it takes to pay any taxes you may owe, but it is just an extension on how long you can take before you file your return. Also, it should be understood that filing this form does not guarantee a six-month extension, but up to six months. It could be for two weeks for all you know, so be ready for that, just in case.

You should also be aware that there are still deadline penalties that can be faced if this form is not filed before the April 15th deadline. You can’t just turn it in after the fact and expect an extension, it doesn’t work that way. So be sure to get it to the IRS before that time, and you’ll avoid annoying financial penalties and late fees.

That’s it?

Well, yes that is it. Once you have filled out this form completely and done an E-file tax extension, you are ready to submit it. Be sure you are doing this with a website that is closely affiliated with the IRS or is the IRS website itself. You’ll get confirmation on the submission, and then be notified of the new date that you are expected to file your tax returns by. It only takes a few days for the extension to be accepted, reviewed, and the decision returned back to you. Now, it doesn’t have to be on that new day, but by it. So rest easy, you now have more time to file your taxes. Just don’t miss the new deadline, there’s no filing for a second extension!

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