IRS 1040 extension Form with 4868 Form (5 -month)

irs 1040 extension

IRS Tax Form 1040 serves as the official documentation that United States taxpayers utilize to submit their yearly income tax reports. The typical due date for filing this tax form falls on April 15th each year. However, in cases where April 15th is a designated holiday, the deadline extends to April 18th of that specific year. Taxpayers who have yet to file their returns and find themselves near the impending tax due date can request an extension of an additional six months by completing IRS Form 4868.

About Form 4868

Form 4868 is an application for the automatic IRS 1040 extension of time to file US individual tax returns. US taxpayers can file this form with the IRS, instead of Form 1040, within April 18th to get an automatic 6-month extension to file  Form 1040 (individual tax returns). This can be used by those who are sick, busy, or held up in a crisis and didn’t get time to prepare the paperwork for filing tax returns.

This six-month time extension applies to only the paperwork and not to tax payments. The US taxpayers should estimate their due amount and pay the same to the IRS within the deadline. Nonpayment of tax amount will attract penalties and interest. While spending the taxes, it is better to overestimate the taxes, to avoid penalties. The IRS will refund any tax; you pay in excess. 

Who can file IRS Tax Form 4868?

Any US citizen who wishes to have an automatic extension to file the US individual tax return can file this form. This Form avails them a maximum of six months’ time extension. Residents out of the country on the due date are given two months as default to file IRS returns. After two months, if they have still not prepared the tax returns, they can file Form 4868, to avail additional four months. 

IRS 1040 Extension-E-Filing Form 4868:

It is easy for people to forget about their tax returns in their busy schedules. Thus, the best way to file them with the IRS on time is to e-file them. E-filing tax Forms carries several advantages. It processes the tax forms and sends them to IRS computers directly.  They are processed faster than paper forms. 

The E-filing software fills these forms with appropriate accuracy and mitigates errors considerably. E-filing the tax Forms is Convenient and can be done anywhere, 24/7 with a computer or phone. The tax return information is kept confidential in the software. Also, tax filers can access their past data to complete the present Form and seek data insights.

The bottom line of IRS 1040 Extension:

If you have decided to e-file your IRS Tax Form 4868, choose Tax2efile, one of the most authentic and credible platforms for e-filing tax returns. You will get proof of receipt after filing the Form and the portal is also extremely easy to use.