IRS Reminds Taxpayers who filed an Extension that the Oct. 15 Due to Date Approaches

Have you filed for an extension? Hurry up, as the due date for taxpayers’ request for an extension is approaching.

For taxpayers filed for an extension, the IRS reminds about the due date arriving 15-October. The taxpayers must file before the due date and complete tax returns. The good news is that IRS free file and electronic filing options are available. For prompt tax filing, payment and refunds process and to maintain social distancing utilizing electronic options is the best way.

E-File and Pay Extension for Tax Refunds 

Though the tax filing due date is 15-October for taxpayers, few people have more time. They are

      • Taxpayers residing in federally announced disaster locations have ample time. They already possess eligible extensions. Take a quick glimpse at the disaster relief page for details. 
      • Combat zone servers and members of the military have ample time. Specifically, these people have 180 days after vacating combat location for paying tax dues and filing returns. 

Taxpayers yet to file 2019 tax returns and have not demanded an extension have ways for extra interest and penalties. They can file as promptly as possible and pay all dues quickly to avert penalties.

Electronic Federal Tax Payment 

Federal tax payment filing and scheduling are possible till 15-October due date. Payment is possible easily by mobile, online, phone, and IRS2Go app. Basic guidelines for online payment are

      • The best and easy way for tax payments is online. 
      • Filing and paying by electronic means is simple. The payment and filing are possible utilizing tax software online. For taxpayers partnering with tax, preparers should follow tax payment by electronic fund withdrawal method. 
      • Taxpayers can opt for IRS direct pay method for online payment directly from savings account straight. This method can also be followed for scheduling payments before 365 days too. 
      • There are payment options such as debit, credit, or digital wallet via payment processor. In this way, The IRS does not gain any fee. 
      • Taxpayers enjoy mobile-friendly payment options along with payment provider payments on mobile and direct pay with the IRS2Go app. 
      • The other option for taxpayers is by registering with an Electronic federal tax payment system with an online payment facility. Payments are also possible by the EFTPS voice response system or by phone. 
      • To know information about federal tax account, taxpayers can log into The details help to access tax records online, to see the tax amount, to view vital tax return information, and to review payment history. 

Economic Impact Payment

The fact is that all American people are aware of Economic Impact payments. The IRS prompts people with null or minimal income need not file tax returns. These people are eligible for economic impact payment.

As the due date is approaching, taxpayers need to hurry up their filing process. By logging into, tax filing and payment procedure is prompt. The customer service is always available to assist you in case of queries. Why wait? Grab your device and start e-filing your tax returns. Avoid penalties by completing the tax filing process within the due date.