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IRS Form 4868: Extend 6 Month to Income Tax Return Due Date

USA as a grown country considers individual federal tax returns as the most important way of contributing taxes towards nation’s economy as always reflected through with comparison to their jobs offered and unemployment status as per their economic indices which goes to prove that the US individual income tax return filing is equivalent to decide the status of being jobs offered as a friend with enough employment to US economy and pay tax to federal IRS as they are contributing towards nation’s growth. But however when unemployment scenario exist in US nation it is a bad as a foe to exhibit that a job earning and a part of earning as tax in proportion is devoid of tax earnings for IRS which is not a welcoming sign. While this may be a fact, at least those who are provided with jobs must realize the importance of contributing some small part of their earnings towards as a tax for federal or state government to use it for the welfare of the nation and state and towards future growth of the nation.

Filing 1040 towards US individual income tax returns on or before April 15th 2014 is as friendly to contributing to USA as a nation. But failing to file pay tax or returns on due date April 15th 2014 cannot be considered as one is foe to nation and IRS has provided with the conveniences of support tax form 4868 to moderate the differences between a friend and a foe by getting an automatic extension of time for 6 months for all forms concerned under form 4868 which are as follows –

• Form 1040

• Form 1040A

• Form 1040EZ

• Form 1040NR

• Form 1040NR-EZ

• Form 1040-PR

• Form 1040-SS

• Form 709

The forms mentioned above are all eligible under IRS form 4868 to get a maximum of 6 months of automatic extension of time when filing form 4868 on the due date of April 15th 2014 with paying a part of tax as calculated for income and expenditures and due tax liabilities as on date under each form as applicable. Then the due for filing individual tax returns will be October 15th 2014 excepting for some pre-conditions for form 1040-NR and form 1040-NR-EZ as per the wages whether received as a employee or not under US income tax with-holding, if not received the wages then file by June 16th 2014 is the decision of IRS for one to follow.

In case of penalty for not paying tax on the due date April 15th 2014 cannot be misconstrued as form 4868 to be a foe to an individual because this is for the USA as nation’s purpose, an interest of 0.5 of 1% is charged for any tax other than estimated tax if not paid on or before April 15th 2014. The maximum penalty is up to 25% calculating for each month. If most individual pay their taxes in time on April 15th 2014 calculating their income and expenditures along with tax liabilities and deductions in view of their over-cautious response to IRS which is always good for individual and the nation and some individual who are not paying tax in time to IRS then IRS is answerable to nation especially when it comes towards claiming credit from excess taxes paid by most of the individuals and when not received the actual tax dues that IRS need to collect from unpaid tax dues from most individuals. That is why the interest and penalties come into place for both for not paying taxes in time on the regular due date April 15th 2014 and also for not filing returns in time even after getting the required automatic extension of time with the use of IRS form 4868.

Even for Form 709-Generation-skipping transfer-GST-FORM 4868 helps as a friend to get automatic extension of time for 6 months but not for paying gift or GST tax with the extended time of 6 months as applicable from April 15th 2014. A friend in need is always a friend indeed is the proverb for which form 4868 will stand for and not for any bad cause as against the interest of nation’s economy should be understood as per IRS instructions and guidelines.

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