Get Extra 2 Months of Time with 4868 Form to File Income Tax Returns

The subject of the title will not be confusing if an individual knows the exact fact. There is a special rule operated by IRS to support those who are abroad, they have two extra months to file their individual income tax return and pay the amount due without requesting an extension form 4868. This holds true for both USA citizens or resident aliens and if who are outside the country on the exact filing date of the US Individual Income Tax returns. The term “out of the country” always means either of these two conditions.

If one lives outside the United States and Puerto Rico. Also, their main place of work is outside the United States and Puerto Rico.

Those Individuals working in the U.S. military and who serve outside the United States and Puerto Rico. Especially the military personnel in a combat zone fighting for the country usually get even more time. If they qualify as allowed by IRS, they don’t have to file form 4868 to request the additional time. But they should include a statement with their return explaining why they qualify for the later deadline. Most of the states in the USA allow an extension of the filing deadline. But it is better to check with their respective state of residence for restrictions.

In the case of individuals claiming refunds of excess tax as already paid to be receivable. They must file for refunds at the earliest for the timely process of IRS to expedite the individual tax refunds in a timely manner should be understood.

If the given two extra months from the exact due date of April 15th, 2015 is not enough as per special rule of the IRS, USA citizens or resident aliens who work outside the country may e-file form 4868 through IRS-certified tax partner Tax2efile. to get a further automatic extension of time of 6 months for filing their individual income tax returns on or before December 15th, 2015.