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Federal Tax Forms for 2018 IRS Tax Season

Is this tax year similar to the Tax Season?

A tax year is the year that the tax payer is filing the tax return. But the tax season is the time that the tax payer is filing the return. The tax payer can prepare and e-file their 2017 tax return in this 2018 tax season. When you are e-filing your returns, you no need to download any tax forms, answer the questions to select the appropriate forms and schedules.

To start preparing and e-filing your tax returns for the tax year, the tax payer need to register with the e-file tax service center like Etax1040.com

How to prepare and file a previous year tax return?

Find the tax forms for 2004 to 2016 back taxes. Download the tax forms and apply it appropriately.

How to change or amend filed and accepted tax return?

In order to amend a filed tax return, the tax payer need to download the amended state form, complete the form, sign and mail to the appropriate state tax agency. When the tax return is e-filed, the amendment can be done through online service.

Where to find important tax information?

Check the latest state tax deadlines, federal tax deadlines and IRS publications.

Where Can the Tax payer get history of Federal Tax Forms?

When the tax payer need to find the history of his / her tax filing, the tax payer can find it with the e-filing tax service provider software. They store all the history of the tax filings and maintained for years.

What are State Tax Forms?

For every state the tax forms differ and the tax payer need to apply appropriately. When you efile through etax1040s.com, we can generate all the state forms that are required for the tax payers based on their answers that they give during the online interview process.

Where to find more about Federal Tax Information? 

Under the FAQ section in etax1040s.com, the tax payer can find a list of queries, where most of the tax payer’s doubts are answered. Those are most frequent topics and answers of tax questions. These information is for the knowledge of the tax payer. But while the tax payer e-files through our etax1040s.com, our system manages the rest of the tax information.

What is IRS tax publications and IRS tax forms?

Publications give a detailed outline about various tax subjects. When the tax payer files the tax returns electronically, then the tax payer need not to worry about this long IRS publication and other IRS tax forms. Simply answer the simple questions during the online filing at etax1040s.com and the customer support team will take the rest of your tax burden. E-file Your 1040ez now