Types of Form 1040: U.S. Individual Tax Return (1040-nr, 1040-es, 1040-v, 1040x,1040-sr)

The Form 1040 from the Internal Revenue Service helps individual taxpayers to file their tax returns on their annual income. This Form comprises a number of segments that require the taxpayers to disclose the taxable income for the year to learn if there are any additional taxes owed by the taxpayer or to learn if they qualify for a tax refund. Form 1040  is used by taxpayers to report their salary, daily wages, capital gains, taxable interest, benefits from the state, and other types of income. The due date for filing the 1040 form with the IRS is April 15th of the tax year. 

Purpose of the 1040 Forms

The federal Form 1040 is used by taxpayers to calculate their taxable income and also to calculate the tax on that income. The first step in filling this form is to calculate the adjusted gross income by reporting the total income and also to claim all the allowed adjustments, also referred to as above-the-line deductions. 

Different types of this individual tax return Form

There are different versions of Form 1040, and the taxpayers at times are required to file its different versions, deviating from the standard version.

Form 1040 NR:

The non-resident citizens of the country and their representatives are required to file Form 1040- NR and these include citizens who are engaged in trade or business with the US, those who represent a trust or an estate in the US, etc.

Form 1040- ES:

Taxpayers use this form to calculate and pay their quarterly taxes. Their tax estimate will apply to income that is not subject to withholding and it also includes their earnings from interest, dividends, self-employment, and also rents. This could also include pension income,  unemployment compensation, and also the taxable portion of the social security benefits.

Form 1040-V:

Form 1040-V is used by the IRS to process payments that are received by outstanding tax debt. It is also referred to as a payment voucher and the taxpayer who is making payment on their tax bill will include this voucher with their tax payment. The Form also helps the IRS, all the information required to ensure that the taxpayer is credited for their payment properly.  

Form 1040- X:

This tax form is used by taxpayers who have to make amendments to their tax return, after filing Form 1040 previously.

Form 1040- SR:

The IRS introduced this Form for its senior citizens in the year 2019 and incorporates a number of changes in the Form, which includes a larger font, no shading in the forms, etc. The Form also includes a standard deduction chart, which also incorporates additional deductions for the senior citizens. 

Form 1040 is the IRS tax Form used to file income tax returns by the residents of the United States. This Form is used to calculate the total taxable income of the taxpayer and also determines how much should be paid by the taxpayer and refunded by the Government.