1040 form filing state requirements for the following states (Virginia, Mary Land, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia)

IRS Form 1040 is used by the taxpayers of the United States to file their annual income tax returns. This tax Form calculates the total taxable income of the taxpayer and determines tax that is to be paid or refunded by the Government. But the tax requirements vary between the different states of the United States and the citizens may be required to pay additional state taxes or file multiple state tax returns, depending on where they live. 

1040 tax filing requirements for different states in the USA

While most states require their citizens to pay additional income tax on their payroll earnings, states like Alaska, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Texas, Nevada, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Washington do not impose a state tax.

1040 tax filing requirements in Virginia:

Citizens of Virginia are required to file Form 1040 by April 15th of the fiscal year. Those who require additional time can file Form 4868 to demand 6 months time extension. The Form should be sent to the department of treasury, Internal revenue service, Kansas City. If the taxpayer is enclosing a payment, then it should be sent to IRS, PO box no 931000, Louisville. 

1040 tax filing requirements in Mary Land

Tax Forms 1040 can be downloaded from the IRS website or can also be requested through e-mail. Citizens can also visit the offices of the taxpayers to get the forms. Citizens can also hire a professional service to e-file their income tax Forms. Citizens can file a Maryland income tax return if they are residents of Maryland. The due date to file the Form is July 15th, 2021. Citizens can file an amended return to make changes to their original return. Senior citizens can avail of a personal tax exemption of $1000 if they are over 65 years of age.

1040 tax filing requirements in South Carolina

South Carolina follows a very simple tax structure that is on par with the laws of the federal income tax. The state accepts the adjustments, deductions, and the other reported exemptions on the federal returns Form, with few modifications. The tax rates in this state range from 0% to 7% on taxable income. The tax papers should be mailed to the South Carolina Department of Revenue, PO Box 100123, Columbia by April 15th

1040 tax filing requirements in North Carolina

The due date to file income returns in North Carolina is April 15th. For accurate and efficient processing, the IRS recommends taxpayers resort to the e-file option to file their returns. D 400 is the Income-tax return Form used in North Carolina. The completed Forms should reach the North Carolina Department of Revenue before the due date.

1040 tax filing requirements in Georgia

You are expected to file a Georgia income tax return if you have income subject to Georgia income tax, and not subject to the federal income tax, and if your income exceeds the standard deductions and the personal exemptions of the state’s standard. The due date to file the taxes in Georgia is May 17th of the year.

Thus the due dates to file takes within the states of the US varies and individuals can either choose to file their tax returns either with the state or the IRS before the due date, to avoid penalties.