Must Know this Tax Preparation Checklist for Filing Your 1099 Taxes 2016

Tax Preparation Checklist for Filing Your 1099 Taxes

Prior to beginning with the procedure of preparing income tax return, it is necessary for you to go through the tax preparation checklist. There are different categories in the 1099 tax preparation checklist and not all the categories will strictly apply to you. Therefore, what you need to do is select the category that applies to you and ensures that you have all the necessary information available. Once you are completely ready to efile 1099 online with the help of this checklist, you will be completely surprised to find the amount of time you will be saving by having all your information beforehand.Tax Preparation Checklist for Filing Your 1099 Taxes


Important Inclusions of the 1099 Checklist

The 1099 checklist contains the following points that are important to be included when filing 1099 online.

Personal Information

It is necessary for the IRS to have a basic understanding of the individual filing taxes and the one who is covered in the tax return. This can be done by using the dates of birth and social security numbers of your dependents or spouse.

Information about Income

This will include the income from jobs, income from local and state income tax refunds or unemployment, investment income, alimony received and income from farming or business. The income received from the property sale, pension distributions, social security benefits and miscellaneous income. The adjustments to earnings also need to be included. There are different criteria that can help on reducing the income amount that is taxed and these include:

  • ·         Energy credits
  • ·         IRA contributions
  • ·         Student loan interest
  • ·         Moving expenses
  • ·         Medical savings account contributions
  • ·         Educator expenses
  • ·         Alimony paid
  • ·         Payments of self-employed health insurance payments


There are various other important points that also need to be considered when filing 1099 taxes before the deadline. Therefore, going through the complete checklist is very important.