Guide to IRS Tax Form 1099-Misc Box 1 Rental Income

1099-MISC Box 1 is a RENT- In rental agreements, there are two types of leases that the taxpayer needs to know the first one is the capital agreements and the second one is the operating agreements. These two have major differentiations in tax form 1099 reporting requirements.

Only the operating agreement requires the reporting on tax form 1099 and not the capital agreement. This is because only for a specified period of time the payments are to be made as per the operating agreements in which the lessee has the right to make reasonable use of the equipment as long as payments are made. The lessor still owns the property at a period when the operating agreement ends. But there are exceptions that include payment of rent to a real estate agent. These requirements extend well beyond real estate rent. For example, leased office space, bulldozers, other types of equipment can all qualify as rented items. Not all leased items are reportable.

Why capital agreements are not reportable in tax form 1099 is because of the reason that its most of the leases are similar to ‘rent-to-own’ agreements. The lessee takes up the entire rights and full ownership of the property or equipment at the end of the capital lease agreement.

Hence IRS recommends the operating lease agreements as qualifiable for accounting and for tax paying under the 1099-MISC tax form through Box No.1-RENT. 

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