3 Simple Steps to Follow While E-File Form 1099 Online

The taxpayer of the form 1099 can easily register or create a free account with any company or online service provider that offers e-filing services to people throughout the globe. Signing up with these online service providers is quite easy. The only thing that you need to do is provide your e-mail address as your username and create your very own secret password which you must be able to remember always. This goes especially for the returning users. When you try to efile 1099, the payments get prompted and they are required to be paid only during transmission time or during e-filing time.

Segregation of Most Important 1099 Forms

The taxpayer has the flexibility of choosing the right form meant for him or her and is required to submit it to the IRS according to the recommendations of CPAs or tax professionals to file 1099 online. Most online sources offering e-filing facility for form 1099 support all the major IRS forms 1099. Form 1099-MISC basically deals with all the taxes payable by an individual because of miscellaneous income apart from wages and salaries. Form 1099-INT deals with the interests earned by an individual in various ways like deposits or lending through accounts in federal sources and banks. Form 1099-DIV attracts the dividends earned through investments made in shares and stocks or through various other federal sources. Form 1099-K is a form received by individuals who accept payment cards for payments or the ones who received payments exceeding $20,000 from third parties.

Personal Identification Procedure

This is a very important step for the taxpayers because this step asks them for their complete details in regards to the personal identification procedure. This step needs to be completed prior to the transmission of form 1099. The online providers dealing in the efile 1099 services for the taxpayers generally feature a bulk upload provision in their software making it easy for the taxpayers to provide their details while there are many users using the same provider. The personal information needed to file 1099 online includes:

• EIN or Employer Identification Number

• Name and Address

• Employer Type

• Social Security Number

Entering Your 1099 Form Data

This is a step where the taxpayer needs to select the service in the e-filing procedure. Here, the taxpayers will be presented with a list of different unsubmitted forms. The taxpayers can check and uncheck the forms while the online service provider will calculate its fees automatically. Next, the desired payment option needs to be selected with postal mail being optional. Stating the filing options would be the next important step. The total payment can be viewed at the page bottom. Transmitting the tax returns would be the next step for the taxpayer once the tax payment gets authorized. Once the tax return transmission is complete, the online e-filing service provider sends notifications about the returns and a recipe through the email address used for creating the account.