1099-K Tax Form Reporting Requirements
  • February 22, 2021
Are you a self-employed individual or run a business owing more transactions during the year? Then, you need to understand form 1099-K…
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  • February 19, 2021
Did you make errors in your income tax returns? It happens, and taxpayers get relief with the 1040X form. If you have…
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Filing Form 1099 Online before Deadline
  • February 15, 2021
Are you aware of 1099-DIV dividends and distributions? The IRS Form 1099-DIV is sent by financial institutions and banks to investors. Investors…
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  • February 11, 2021
The IRS tax form 1099-INT is a record stating that an entity or individual paid you interest. By year-end, payers provide the…
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  • February 8, 2021
The IRS Form 1098-T helps taxpayers in calculating the educational credit including deductions for tuition and helps to report tuition statements, educational…
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  • February 5, 2021
A mortgage is an obligation secured by a real property, which could be land or any property built on it or attached…
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