7004 Tax Filing Checklist for Small Businesses

A perfect checklist when filing tax returns to IRS helps corporations, and other small businesses to keep away their hurrying and worrying factors to move forward and march towards the month March of 2015. As the number of days as countable is on the wane, the due date is fast approaching, the small and big corporations have to prioritize their early preparation of their checklist towards IRS tax filing whether on 15th March or 17th April 2015.

By the help of checklist, Small and big corporations can file their respective forms say 1120-C and 1120-S much before their due dates. 1120-S and 1120-C should file before or on 15th March 2015. They may also avail the automatic extension time of 6 months through filing of IRS form 7004 on 15th March 2015. Corporate can use the time before the 15th to get their taxes in and make sure they are taxed as a partnership for 2014 if they want to be a pass through entity for tax purpose.

Apart from the Corporation, it is important for the LLCs, LLPs, and other private entities to have documents and receipts in order for April 17th, 2015 and that this can be achieved with the meeting of tax professionals or CPA irrespective of whether entities run a small business or are simply filing for them, can do the handwork online to complete any important paperwork with the guidance of CPA.

On the other hand, Tax professionals and CPAs will be busier during this tax season when companies as their clients’ filing different business income tax forms, information or other returns. So it is needed and required for CPAs and tax professionals to have a time schedule and to stay on top as per appointments with both and new clients or companies will harness mutual benefits for timely paying and filing of their tax returns.

It is also required for the companies to have the business licenses renewed by e-mail or by mail as to be checked with the regulatory body of the respective states.

If required and when entities are not ready to meet the filing due dates, they can file tax form 7004 on their original due date as per instructions of IRS so as to avail automatic extension of time for further 6 months to push their due dates for filing returns through IRS certified tax partner Etax7004.com