E-file Form 8868 Exempt Organization Return? Non-profit Tax Extension

Are you an administrator, manager, or director running a tax-exempt organization looking for a federal tax extension? Then you must know the details about form 8868. Non-profit groups, charities, and other tax-exempt organizations can file form 8868 for an extension of six months for filing form 990. By filing form 8868, you gain an extension for form 990/990-EZ, form 990-BL, form 990-PF, and form 4720. 

Requirements for filing form 8868

The best feature of form 8868 is that it is not mandatory to furnish specific reasons for filing an extension. The tax filing individual must fill the form 8868 and render it before the deadline to the IRS. The e-filing process of form 8868 is easy and effortless with a few steps. The user only requires the primary organization’s input to complete the form. Mandatory data to file form 8868 are 

    • Tax ID/EIN/SSN
    • Address and name of the organization 
    • Tax year 
    • Mentioning the 990-N form that mandates an extension 

Forms supported by IRS form 8868 extensions

The IRS form 8868 extension supports form 990-N, 990-EZ, form 990-BL, form 4720 (individual), form 990-PF, form 990-T (corporation) (sec 401 (a) or 408 (a)), form 1041-A, form 4720 (other than individual), form 6069, form 5227, and form 8870 (paper filing).

Steps to e-file form 8868

E-filing form 8868 is simple with a tax2efile with a few clicks. 

    • The initial step for e-filing form 8868 is registering with tax2efile.com for free.
    • Navigate to non-profit tax and hit on form 8868
    • Fill in all the business details and exempt organization details such as an address, SSN/EIN, and organization address. 
    • Type the organization or individual details.
    • Pick the organization’s tax period and enter the kind of 990-N form applying for an extension. 
    • Fill in the tax details of the selected form and assess the details of the form summary. If there are any errors, the team audits you. For any corrections, users may use the edit option. 
    • The final step is payment and submission to the IRS. 

Filing form 8868 with Tax2efile

If you desire to avail yourself of a trusted and approved filing platform, tax2efile is the appropriate choice. Tax2efile is an IRS-certified e-filing platform tax2efile has massive expertise in the tax niche. The tax2efile interface is a user-friendly interface that offers an easy step-by-step process for form 8868 e-filing. The aim of tax2efile is the ease of customers in the e-filing process. 

Filing form 8868 is effortless with tax2efile.com with a few clicks. Tax filings are simple by just creating an account for free with tax2efile.com. Customer care takes complete responsibility for any tax filing queries of customers. The payment options are easy, and the user is acknowledged instantly. 

The automatic tax calculations are yet another beneficial feature of partnering with tax2efile.com. We assure you of the safety of your data with us. You also gain a copy of the 990-N extension anytime you desire. Register with tax2efile and enjoy the benefits today.