DEPARTMEmployee vs Independent Contractor
  • November 29, 2022
Independent contractors are those employees who are free from supervision and direction from their employers and do not have any control over…
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IRS PTIN by the December 31st Deadline?
  • November 22, 2022
The PTINs will expire on December 31st of each year. The renewal process of PTIN will begin in mid-October every year. Tax…
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Form 1099-NEC Non-Employee Compensation
  • November 9, 2022
Until the year 2020, the Internal Revenue Service made use of Form 1099-MISC to report their self-employment taxes and the revenue generated…
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  • November 4, 2022
The worst nightmare for US taxpayers is figuring out which form to use to file their returns. The taxpayers who are required…
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HVUT 2290 truck business
  • November 1, 2022
Being a truck driver is indeed an exciting job for women. It is a valuable profession for ladies who like going out…
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